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High-pressure moulding meets lightweight design - a successful presentation at the 6th Composites Europe in Stuttgart

(PresseBox) (Sankt Augustin, ) The polyurethane experts at Hennecke GmbH can look back on a successful trade fair participation in Composites Europe, the leading European forum for lightweight component technologies.

On the theme of "high pressure moulding meets lightweight design", the composites specialists were able to convince show visitors of the extensive benefits package of their HP-RTM process. Moreover, the company's polyurethane spray skin solutions based on in-mould coating (IMC) met with keen interest on the part of OEMs.

Posting double-digit attendance growth and a substantial increase in exhibitors yet again, Composites Europe - held only for the 6th time now - has already made its mark as a keynote international event in the composite materials sector. Buoyant demand for lightweight parts delivering tailormade performance properties was more than clearly noted by Hennecke as well.

The focus of attention was on the highly advanced HP-RTM process, which distinguishes itself from conventional RTM technology in that raw material systems are injected into the closed mould at high pressure. Since this method ensures an accelerated reaction and exceptionally short curing times, it holds great appeal for an automotive industry in urgent quest for processes supporting rapid-cycle volume manufacturing. This demand is also reflected in the high rate of capacity utilization experienced, in the wake of Composites Europe, by Hennecke's in-house TechCenter for HPRTM experimental production and sampling runs.

In the field of polyurethane spray application, the diverse unique features of Hennecke's established PUR-CSM technology were likewise able to convince the experts. Especially the use of PU spray skins for complex components such as instrument panels or door linings drew high attention. In making such components, an layer of aliphatic paint is initially applied by in-mould coating (IMC). This UV-resistant coating is then reinforced by overspraying with an aromatic polyurethane. The combination of a coloured IMC with a polyurethane spray skin provides haptic properties substantially superior to PVC, apart from producing extremely low emissions as the process does not involve solvents. Moreover, due to Hennecke's efficient atomization of the spray jet with compressed air, users will additionally benefit from a reduced specific density of the product. A number of projects relating to the use of IMC spray skins were already discussed with various OEM's and successfully closed by the end of the event.