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"Basic training mineral processing technology" for new employees

HAVER ENGINEERING conveys fundamental knowledge on mineral processing technology

(PresseBox) (Oelde, ) Knowledge of the fundamentals of mineral processing technology is the basis for understanding and the capability to assess processes, steps and the functionality of mineral processing. In newly developed seminars on agglomeration and washing technology, HAVER ENGINEERING conveys this knowledge. The affiliated institute of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg offers interested persons a basic seminar on mineral processing machines, a technical seminar on cleaning and washing technology, and one on agglomeration technology.

"We'd like to convey fundamental knowledge on the phenomena of mineral processing technology," explains Managing Director Dr. Stephan Hüwel on the company's motivation behind the seminars in this field. "This is a requirement in being able to optimally lay out processes and machines that suit the material and the ecological, economic and technological boundary conditions at hand."

The seminar on fundamentals is foremost aimed at newcomers to the field, employees from other technical fields, and managers. It involves teaching the fundamentals that are necessary to understanding the processes of the raw material and waste management and treatment. In the seminars the systematic interaction of material and machine is explained. The main processes of mineral processing technology and the most important machines used are worked out with respect to their construction, functional principles, fields of application and the corresponding process characteristic parameters.

"The concise and targeted transfer of knowledge provides the basis for communication between technical personnel and technical managers. Entering the field will be made easier for newcomers," says Dr. Stephan Hüwel on how the participants can benefit from the seminars and make their everyday work easier using the newly acquired knowledge. Also for the involved companies the advantages are clear: Qualified and motivated employees are the essential prerequisites for the competitiveness of a company.

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