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TÜV NORD confirms: Hanno® Clima-Tect has distinctly higher efficiency than brush system for sealing cable openings in server room false floors

TÜV NORD Systems GmbH & Co. KG was requested to check the air loss at the Hanno® Clima-Tect® sealing element.

(PresseBox) (Laatzen, ) In the absence of applicable rules, the test was performed and the results analyzed on the basis of EN12114 "Thermal performance of buildings, Air permeability of building components. Laboratory test methods".

The results were referenced to a high-quality brush system of a well-known manufacturer. The tests for air permeability included different setups with both Hanno® Clima-Tect® and den brush system

1. Without cable penetration (zero measurements)
2. With cable strand: hanging, horizontal and after moving the cable strand

In addition, the acoustic load was determined at a differential pressure of 30 Pa.

On average, 2.8 times higher efficiency of air flow reduction in comparison with the brush system

The results were very clear: For example, the test setup that simulated practical conditions most closely obtained a 2.7 times higher efficiency of Hanno® Clima-Tect® than the brush system at 30 PA. In this setup, the cable strands were moved slightly after installation in order to simulate the subsequent cable laying and/or the alignment of objects.

All other test layouts also confirmed the distinctly higher efficiency of Hanno® Clima-Tect®, which was better between factor 2.4 and 4 for all setups. The air flow was reduced by factor 2.8 on average. The TÜV writes

: „…From this, it can be concluded that the sealing element Clima-Tect® has a substantially better sealing performance than the reference object …“

Hanno® Clima-Tect® improves sound intensity reduction by approximately 75% compared with brush system

During the additional airborne sound measurements the sound pressure level was reduced by 19.1 dB. „…This corresponds to a reduction of the perceived volume by about 75%. …“, TÜV NORD says. This shows that Hanno® Clima-Tect® not only saves a substantial amount of energy because it reduces the amount of air lost, it can also distinctly attenuate the noise level in server rooms.

The final assessment of TÜV reads: “The results of the tests have shown that the sealing action obtained with the sealing element Hanno® Clima-Tect® is higher than that of the reference product …. It was also found that the interference due to airborne noise is lower in case of the sealing element Hanno® Clima-Tect® than with the reference object.“

Further information on Hanno® Clima-Tect® is available at

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