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New Application Notes

Automated Library Preparation using NEBNext Ultra DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina (E7370) on the Hamilton STARline

(PresseBox) (Martinsried, ) Authors: Juergen Zimmermann1, Claudio Guetg2, Oliver Flieger2, Jonathon Blake1, Bjoern Textor3, Fiona Stewart4 and Vladimir Benes1

1 EMBL Heidelberg, GeneCore Facility, Meyerhofstrasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany
2 Hamilton Bonaduz AG, Via Crusch 8, 7402 Bonaduz, Switzerland
3 New England Biolabs GmbH, Brueningstrasse 50 Geb B852, 65926 Frankfurt, Germany
4 New England Biolabs, Inc., 240 County Road, Ipswich, MA, 01938-2723, USA

Library preparation from low amounts of input DNA is a key requirement for many Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications such as sequencing precious clinical samples or ChIP-seq libraries. Reagents from New England Biolabs® provide an ideal solution for generation of inde xed NGS libraries over a broad range of input amounts from 5 ng to 1μg of genomic DNA. In this application note, we describe the automation of the NEBNext® UltraTM DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina® on a Hamilton Microlab STARlet instrument. The design allows a capacity of 8-48 samples per run. Ready to sequence libraries with high yield and quality can be obtained from different sample sources.

System Benefits

- Optimized throughput from 8 to 48 libraries per run
- Wide range of input from 5 ng to 1 μg genomic DNA
- Automated master mix generation on deck
- Independent size selection per sample in a single run

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Illumina® NGS Sample Prep Automation from Hamilton

Hamilton and Illumina are working together to qualify the TruSeq® and Nextera® series of Sample Preparation Kits for use on the Microlab STAR. The methods include the following features:

- Full automation, with on-deck incubations and plate shaking, plate stacking, and large tip inventory for maximum walk-away time
- 1 to 96 samples processed in a single run
- Easy-to-use graphical interface
- Barcode verification of proper placement of reagents, plates, and tips
- Magnetic-bead based cleanup and size selection steps are fully automated
- PCR thermal cycling is done offline, to minimize system cost
- Automated error handling
- Existing methods can be customized to meet each laboratory's needs and budget

The methods currently available for Illumina sample preparation are:

- TruSeq Stranded mRNA*
- TruSeq Stranded Total RNA

Find the full article here.

Software and Operator Seminars

New training dates for software and operator seminars are available:

VT20B Basic software seminar:
06.-08. May 2014
PT21B / PT22 F Software praxis seminar:
08. May 2014
TO10A STAR Line Operator training:
26. Jun 2014
VTM1LL Liquidhandling and correct labware definition:
18. Mar 2014
VTM1AD Worklists, data handling, data in- and output, reports:
19. Mar 2014
VTM1VE Dialogs, variables, error handling, structuring by submethods and libraries:
20. Mar 2014

What do I learn in your seminar VTM1LL Liquidhandling and correct labware definition?

Proper aspiration and dispense of liquid strongly depends on different factors as environment, liquid type, pipetting modus, pipetting parameters, tip type but also the correct definition of the labware used (e.g. plates, vials, troughs). The seminar gives an overview on all factors influencing liquid handling and a deeper knowledge on how to adapt these parameters within the VENUS software method steps, labware definition and liquid classes.

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