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Sharing the Passion for Telecommunications – Conquering new Markets Together

Greenwich Consulting stages a Start-up Boost Seminar for the first time

(PresseBox) (München, ) Greenwich Consulting, a leading management and strategic consulting company for the key telecommunications, Internet and media providers in Europe, is staging a so-called start-up boost seminar in Munich for the first time on November 22, 2007. This initiative provides 14 highly promising young enterprises with the opportunity to present their business models to 160 consulting experts from Greenwich Consulting. An eight-man consulting team will then be available to all start-up entrepreneurs to optimise their strategy and the entire business model on the day of the event.

Felix Nickl, Managing Director of Greenwich Consulting Germany, commenting the idea of the start-up boost seminar: "We deliberately did not offer a competition, but chose a qualitative selection procedure to identify enterprises with clear potential. In this way we would like to become better acquainted with the companies of the future in our industries in order to provide them with defined support based on our knowledge and experience. In addition, we believe that many common factors exist between us and the company founders: Greenwich Consulting is also a young, fast-growing company with a clear international focus and a claim to creating innovation. Consequently, one of the most important objectives in creating this new event is the desire to share our passion for innovative business ideas in the media and telecommunications markets."

The management of the 14 start-up enterprises from a total of five European countries will be taking part in the seminar. The focal business areas represented are the sectors of telecommunications, mobile and fixed line telephony, as well as Internet and telematics. Several of the products and services show a strong inter-sector and inter-media orientation, and have therefore been selected by Greenwich Consulting as trend-setting business models. The youngest of the start-ups concerned has been operating for only a few weeks, and the oldest was founded in 1998. The following three examples show the impressive breadth of the business models:

- The French Eyeka provides an Internet platform on which communities and media companies can exchange their own content
- Webwag, similarly a French start-up, has developed so-called widgets for mobile telephones
- Zemanta is a creative Slovenian company that provides a trend-setting formatting tool for bloggers and web designers

The complete list of participating start-up companies is as follows

Anatole (FR), established 1999,
AndUNITE (DE), established 2007,
Blue Whale Systems (GB), established 2007,
Coda System (FR), established 2001,
ColibriWithUS (FR), established 2004,
Comombo (DE), established 2006,
Edelbild (DE), established 2007,
Eyeka (FR), established 2006,
m2msolution (FR), established 1998,
Prefueled (LU), established 2005,
Prylos (FR), established 2003,
Webwag (FR), established 2006,
YooWalk (FR), established 2006,
Zemanta (SI),

The invited companies were all selected on the basis of uniform criteria. The companies were required to:

- have their roots in the telecommunication and Internet sector
- have an innovative and promising product or business model
- have taken up their business operations on the basis of a complete business plan
- aim at European markets
- have a recognisable need or interest in support by consulting professionals

Before the seminar the companies invited already have the opportunity to express their expectations and define questions. This is an ideal preparation for the advice provided to the start-up teams on the seminar day of November 22.

"With this new event we pursue the objective of learning more about our markets together with our guests and promoting talent. The seminar fits in with our corporate culture which is characterised by human openness, internationality and enthusiasm for new concepts and ideas. At the same time we know that young companies have a high need for orientation and sound information about their industries, the ideal market positioning and not least the structure of their companies. We want to support them all we can here", says Sylvain Maquet, Principal in the Düsseldorf Office and Project Manager at Greenwich Consulting.

Press service for journalists: Greenwich Consulting offers you the opportunity to join this seminar. As the event is company-internal please note that there are only a limited number of spaces available. Please contact Greenwich Consulting Germany or our communication partner Susbauer PR for your participation. We hope you will be able to join us.

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