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Solar energy for the roof of the world – GOEDE Foundation supports clinic in Nepal with photovoltaic technology

GOEDE Foundation donates a complete photovoltaic system with solar modules and inverters to the Nepalese "Bhaktapur Homeopathic Clinic and Medical College" project / The donation will be made in the scope of the Solar energy for education-initiative

(PresseBox) (Waldaschaff, ) Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Without an adequate drinking water supply and a working health care system, and with its lack of infrastructure and scarce power supply, life for a large part of the rapidly growing population is full of privation. The "Bhaktapur Homeopathic Clinic and Medical College" project has, since 1995, contributed to improving medical care, and thus the quality of life of the population, and to training medical professionals. Due to the huge success of the project, the college and clinic building is being extended this year.

Photovoltaic system from GOEDE Foundation ensures clinic's energy independence

The donation of solar modules and inverters puts the GOEDE Foundation, which is part of the GOEDE Group (, in a position to help the clinic install a photovoltaic system for its own power supply. In doing so, the "Bhaktapur Homeopathic Clinic and Medical College" can make itself independent of the public power grid, which is frequently hit by power outages. The photovoltaic system will be installed on the east, south and west roof surfaces of the planned extension; it will generate sufficient output to provide a continuous power supply. This means that lighting, computers, medical and household devices can operated without interruption. The GOEDE Foundation is relying on ANTARIS SOLAR, the photovoltaics division of the international GOEDE Group, to compile and coordinate the donated modules and inverters.

Centre for medical care and training

The clinic in Bhaktapur, only a few kilometres east of Kathmandu, is directed by a Nepalese Team and treats patients from Bhaktapur and other parts of Nepal with homeopathic medication.
Homeopathy as a therapeutic method is in line with the cultural background of the country, requires little technical effort and is cost-effective. The patients can thus be treated for free - only those who can afford it, pay for their treatment. The clinic also serves as a medical training centre for Nepalese students, who are trained in a three-year course to become homeopathy and naturopathy professionals. The establishment, in which European doctors also work regularly on a voluntary basis, thus makes an important contribution to the future of Nepal.

"Solar energy for education" Initiative

The donation will be made by the GOEDE Foundation in the scope of the "Solar energy for education" initiative, in which the foundation already participates in Vietnam. With mains independent, stand-alone photovoltaics systems, the GOEDE Foundation gives families on the islands of Halong Bay the ability to use electronic educational media for children and adults. The donation to the clinic in Nepal, sees the GOEDE Foundation supporting an education project in the medical field for the first time.
"It is admirable to see the achievements that the "Bhaktapur Homeopathic Clinic and Medical College" makes under difficult external circumstances," explains Dr. Michael Göde, owner of the GOEDE Group and founder of the GOEDE Foundation. "With our donation we seek to contribute to improving the framework conditions both for medical treatment, and for educating students."

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With the "GOEDE-Award for Gravity Research" the GOEDE Foundation has announced a one Million Euro prize for proof of a successful influence on gravitation. In the field of educational promotion the foundation is involved with the "Solar Energy for Education" initiative through international projects (e.g. in Vietnam). The GOEDE Foundation is owned by the GOEDE Holding, which includes, among others, the solar technology provider ANTARIS SOLAR ( and the BAYERISCHE MUENZKONTOR ( It is one of the major direct mail marketing companies in the collectors' sector and is market leader in Europe for collectors' items, with particular focus on coins and medals.