New Polymorphic Block Cipher for Streaming Media

Global IP Telecommunications and PMC Ciphers announce successful development of Polymorphic Block Cipher with Variable Block Size for the Encryption of Streaming Media

Bradford, Munich, Schoeffengrund, (PresseBox) - PMC Ciphers completes development of a Polymorphic Block Cipher with variable block size ranging from 16 bytes to several hundred megabytes that requires no padding with zero data and that fully satisfies the Strict Avalanche Criterion. The new block cipher is especially suitable for encrypted Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) telephony from Global IP Telecommunications.

Unlike AES or other conventional block ciphers do packet sizes of streaming media data packets not increase, which amortizes the investment in a license for the new cipher quickly. The design is based on a three-round Luby-Rackoff construction with a decorrelation module and highly variable polymorphic round functions. Each bit in a data block depends on every other bit in the same block (Strict Avalanche Criterion SAC). This enables for the first time to encrypt entire media files in a single block. The new symmetric block cipher probably holds the world record for data encrypted in a single block. The record-breaking sample image is part of the press kit that is available for download from the website. In addition to this are 1024 bit blocks encrypted 50% faster than with AES.

Keys can vary in size. Optimum key length ranges from 1024 to 6144 bit. Key setup requires at least 15 million machine instructions, but the actual complexity can be programmed when the cipher is compiled for a specific target machine.

„By enabling for giant block sizes in conjunction with highly variable encryption operations we’ve been able to make a giant leap in encryption technology and to be even more ahead of the competition. This is the solution to fragmentation and padding with zero information“, says C. B. Roellgen from PMC Ciphers and Global IP Telecommunications. „A movie with 16 gigabyte file size and AES encryption of the data packets causes 49 megabyte of totally useless padding information to be sent to the viewer. Superiority for IPTV, VoIP and Desktop Sharing applications is clearly indicated for the Giant Block Size Polymorphic Cipher.”

More information and can be found at:

The press kit can be found under the following URL:

About PMC Ciphers, Inc.
PMC Ciphers is a marketing company for the Polymorphic Cipher invented by co-founder C.B. Roellgen in 1999 and the Giant Block Size Polymorphic Cipher also invented by C.B. Roellgen in 2009. The company develops and markets ultra-secure ciphers based on the unique technology of the Polymorphic Cipher. All ciphers of the company are created in Germany.

About Global IP Telecommunications Ltd.
Global IP Telecommunications is a leading manufacturer of auto provisioning-capable softphone applications for Voice-over-IP. Global IP Tel. products are being sold worldwide through leading PC-, USB- and headset manufacturers, internet service providers, Telco's as well as international sales partners.

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