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Chinese Elite University researches Polymorphic Encryption

(PresseBox) (Bradford, Munich, Schöffengrund, ) Chinese Elite University researches Polymorphic Encryption implemented in On-The-Fly-Encryption and certain VoIP products from Global IP Telecommunications, Ltd. and PMC Ciphers, Inc.

Global IP Telecommunications, a leading manufacturer of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) software telephones and PMC Ciphers, a leading specialist for ultimate ciphers, have announced today that the Key Laboratory of Computer Network and Information Security of Xidian University, Xi'an 710071, People's Republic of China is conducting research on Polymorphic Ciphers. The work is supported by the National Laboratory for Modern Communications Foundation of China under Grant No. 51436030105DZ0105, the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No.60473029 (previously stated Grant No.: 60273084) as well as the Open Foundation of Beijing Institute of Electronic Science and Technology.

According to the Crypto Law Survey from Prof. Dr. Bert-Jaap Koops (, “.. import and export of encryption products requires a license by the State Encryption Management Commission. .. Domestic crypto manufacture and use is severely restricted. Officially designated manufacturers must obtain approval from the State Encryption Management Commission for the type and model (including key length) of their crypto products. .. People may only use encryption products approved by the Commission, and they may not use commercial encryption products developed by themselves or produced abroad.”

“The article that appeared in Information Sciences #178 (Elsevier) a few days ago contains no specifics that go beyond the basics of Polymorphic Ciphers as publically available online at Due to obvious reasons we’ll continue to control access to source code and design documentation so that solely renowned European and American experts can peer-review our ciphers”, says C.B. Roellgen, inventor of the Polymorphic Cipher.

Global IP Telecommunications Ltd.

Global IP Telecommunications has become well known since 2004 as Prefered Development Partner of Counterpath Solutions Inc. (formerly Xten). Global IP Telecommunications is now a leading manufacturer of softphone applications for Voice-over-IP. GlobalIPTel products are being sold worldwide through leading PC-, USB- and headset manufacturers, internet service providers, telcos as well as international sales partners.

Über PMC Ciphers, Inc.:

PMC Ciphers is a marketing company for the Polymorphic Cipher invented by co-founder C.B. Roellgen in 1999. The company develops and markets ultra-secure ciphers based on the unique technology of the Polymorphic Cipher. All PMC Ciphers products are created in Germany.