The BACnet interface module IO 420: the networker for building management systems

Intelligent building technology - perfectly networked / GEZE at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2016 - The trade show. Windows. Door. Facade / 16 - 19 March 2016, NürnbergMesse, Nuremberg, Hall 2, Stand 2-424

The BACnet interface module IO 420: the networker for building management systems (Photo: GEZE GmbH)
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GEZE products turn buildings into 'Smart Buildings'. They can be integrated into higher-ranking building management systems to automate a wide range of building functions. With the new interface module IO 420 based on the globally open BACnet communication standard, GEZE products are in direct dialogue and facilitate intelligent networking in the building.

In addition to ease-of-use and increased security, improved energy efficiency is a key advantage of automated building functions. It plays a crucial role in the evaluation of a building's environmental performance for building certification. The interface module IO 420 also optimises facility management efficiency, reduces operating costs, increases flexibility, and thus the planning security of the building management system.

With IO 420, GEZE products can successfully be integrated quickly and securely in automation solutions. This intelligent module enables central visualisation and control of all automatic door systems via one building management system. In this way, the operating mode of automatic doors can be displayed and controlled remotely. If there is an alarm alert, counteractive measures can be put into place immediately. Emergency exit protections (RWS), such as e.g. the GEZE TZ 320 door control unit, can be released: in an emergency, the electric lock and the swing door drive can be controlled automatically and open the door. Incorrect operation, unauthorised access, and the abuse or manipulation of emergency exit system-secured doors are displayed immediately. Likewise, the operating modes of self-locking panic locks can be invoked and activated. Fire protection doors held open electronically for barrier-free use with hold-open systems can also be closed from a central point.

In combination with a smoke and heat extraction system (RWA), extensive ventilation scenarios can be realised. This is true for small and compact control units (THZ and THZ Comfort), as well as for the modular bus control unit MBZ 300 as solution for large and complex RWA systems. Windows can be controlled independently of environmental conditions such as temperature, rain/wind or ambient air quality, the time of day or the presence of people. Rooms can be automatically cooled overnight via parameters defined by the building management system.

Future market for metal processors

Installation engineers working with automatic doors, hold-open systems, emergency exit protection systems or RWA, e.g. metal engineers, constructors and the electrical trade, will find a more workable and flexible solution in interface module IO 420. It extends their range of products and opens up very forward-looking market potential.

Operate buildings more safely and efficiently

Building operators and facility management will improve the efficiency of their work with the interface module IO 420. Monitoring the operating mode of doors, emergency exit protections and windows connected to RWA systems as well as remotely setting the mode of operation depending on the situation optimises the energy balance sheet and increases security. If the components are not in the required mode, counteractive measures can be implemented immediately via corresponding control.

More flexible building planning and more efficient operation

The interface module IO 420 gives manufacturers of building management systems and system integrators the opportunity to extend their range of products with GEZE products. They can be flexibly adapted to the building management system, enabling various GEZE system components to be visualised, monitored and controlled.

The Powerturn F-IS/TS swing door drive: a strong connection

Continuous design with automatic door and door closer function

Automatic door systems with the Powerturn swing door drive can be integrated into the building management system and therefore in the system world of intelligent building networking via the interface module IO 420. GEZE demonstrates cross-product competence with the multi-functionality of its door systems as well. GEZE introduces a new version of a double-leaf swing door system with an automatic and a manually opening door leaf. A special feature is the continuous drive look across both door leaves.

The active leaf is automated and fitted with the new Powerturn swing door drive. Convenient accessibility, high function variety, easy installation, creative freedom and excellent design are the strengths of the Powerturn. It even opens large and heavy single and double-leaf doors easily and safely, at prestigious entrances and indoors. The Smart swing function facilitates manual opening without effort. With its discreet design and an overall height of only 7 centimetres, the Powerturn blends in with any installation situation, offering great creative freedom. It moves door leaf weights of up to 600 kilograms (fire protection doors of up to 300 kilograms).

The passive leaf is fitted with a door closer from the TS 4000 or TS 5000 series. This swing door drive/door closer combination is an attractive option for double-leaf doors, where mainly the active leaf is moved and therefore has been automated for increased convenience. The passive leaf is only opened when required, e.g. in order to create a larger, clear passage height. Another most welcome possible use of this "Duo" are asymmetrical doors. The drive housing also contains the closing sequence control required for fire protection doors. It guarantees that both door leaves are closed again correctly after access, e.g. by fleeing persons in the case of danger. Since the drive design is not interrupted, the entire system produces harmonious results, both in terms of function and appearance. The Powerturn F/R-IS/TS version for hold-open systems combines innovative technology and design – the smoke control unit is invisibly integrated into the covering hood. GEZE offers the entire door system for transom installation "pushing" with link arms or "pulling" with roller guide rails.

Manual opening of the active leaf, child's play and energy-saving

With the Powerturn swing door drive, manual opening is also child's play thanks to the Smart swing function. This means that anyone can manually open even large, heavy fire protection doors with closing springs up to size EN 7 – effortlessly. Secure, safe closing of the door is provided in all cases. The Smart swing function also reduces energy consumption – both in the permanently open position or in operation.

Installation variety – easy and intelligent

The clever GEZE installation system ensures straightforward, strength-saving and safe installation of the Powerturn drive. The mains connection of the drive can be easily connected via the mounting plate. The drive only has to be clicked into the mounting plate, moved into place and secured. All plug areas and connections are easily accessible from the front. The Powerturn can also be operated and maintained without removing the drive cover. Thanks to a manual teaching run the commissioning happens in the shortest period of time possible.

Threefold rewarded

The Powerturn won two Plus X Awards: the "Innovation Prize" and the "Best Product of the Year 2015/16". It also received the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) sustainability certificate, a globally recognised eco-label.

Flexible and fit for the future

As a flexible, future-proof system component the Powerturn swing door drive makes various door scenarios possible. At the Fensterbau Frontale trade fair, GEZE is presenting it in a system solution with the electronic motor lock IQ lock AUT (for realising the full panic function), the TZ 320 door control unit (as heart of the escape door control unit) and the FTV 320 escape door lock. The entire system combines automatic accessible door convenience, enhanced anti-burglary protection, fire protection, escape and rescue route control with excellent door design. The door system can also be used for fresh air openings in RWA systems for natural ventilation. As a system supplier and specialist, GEZE realises customised complete solutions.

Automatic doors / Door protection

Compact convenience and safety: use automatic swing doors optimally with the new safety sensor GC 342

The choice of activation device is an important factor in enabling you to operate automatic doors providing barrier-free access conveniently, reliably and economically, and to adapt their functionality to users' needs in the best way possible. The GEZE product range of activation devices includes the right solution for every door situation and every type of use. With the new swing door safety sensor GC 342, GEZE has enhanced its swing door sensor range. The new sensors can be combined with all GEZE swing door drives and can be fitted to door leaves with a width of up to 1,600 millimetres.

The safety sensor GC 342 has the particular advantage of completely securing the door leaf and also the entire door area – including secondary closing edges. Thanks to the integrated wall blanking, the sensor learns its permanently installed environment – walls, radiators, window sills. The parameter adjustment of the wall blanking in the drive can be omitted. The installation on the upper edge of the door near the hinge is cleverly solved and therefore quick and easy. The door leaf width to be secured is taught by a hand movement. The precise positioning of sensor modules – such as for sensor strips – is no longer necessary. The one-button commissioning of the automatic learning function of the parameters is also easy. The swing door lock GC 342 fulfils DIN 18650 and EN 16005 and can be used indoors and outdoors. The IP protection rating of IP 54 protects the sensor against dust and spray water from all sides. The sensor's inspection window is inserted in such a way that it is nearly not affected by rain drops.

Emergency exit systems / components

The new FTV 320 escape door lock

Secure unlocking – safe escape route

Reliable unlocking in an emergency – even under high preload – as well as high retention forces which thwart any attempts at forcing. These are the advantages of the new electric escape door lock FTV 320 which make it the optimal locking element for a variety of safety systems. The FTV 320 is an important component of the GEZE SecuLogic emergency exit system. Together with the TZ 320 or TZ 300 door control units (for controlling and monitoring escape doors), it is the ideal way to secure escape routes against unauthorised entry. Of course, the FTV 320 can be integrated into the building management system via the new interface module IO 420 for intelligent building networking.

The FTV 320 unlocks and releases a door following authorised activation or if the emergency push button on the door control unit is pressed. Its new innovative three-latch design is very sturdy, as it is able to absorb a force of over 5,000 N. The FTV 320 provides secure unlocking according to the closed-circuit current principle, including under preload, and facilitates reliable opening, even in panic situations. As well as helping people to leave a building safely in an emergency, the FTV 320 also has increased burglar-resistance.

Ideal for every installation situation – essential in double-leaf full panic doors

A large number of possible uses creates planning certainty. Horizontal or vertical installation as well as the integration into frame or leaf made of wood, steel or tubular-framed doors make the new escape door lock a master of versatility. With just a few variants, the optimum solution can be implemented for any installation situation. The FTV 320 is indispensable on double-leaf full panic doors which have to be secured against unauthorised entry. A collision with the shoot bolt is prevented since it can be fitted into the active leaf, and therefore any possibility of the door becoming jammed is ruled out. The integrated potential-free feedback contacts report the door and locking status to the door control unit. This removes the need for fiddly readjustments or any retrofitting of additional door contacts.

The FTV 320 has even more genuine added-value

Making the electrical connections is time-saving and error-proof: terminals do not have to be dual-assigned, and no cable bridges are needed. Due to its compact dimensions the FTV 320 takes up little space within the door since the new design principle dispenses with the need for a latch lock. The strike plate which is the counterpart to the lock minimises the need to cut into the door. Time savings and cost advantages also result from the locking device and front metal being a pre-assembled unit and from the "two-screw installation system". The mechanism and the control circuit board of the FTV 320 feature special anti-tamper protection and are vandalism-proof. Attempts to sabotage it are immediately reported to the door control unit or an alarm system.

The door control unit TZ 320 – robust as well as sleek and elegant

The TZ 320 door control unit controls free emergency exit routes and secured doors protecting sensitive areas at the same time. It is the central control unit of each system component of the GEZE SecuLogic emergency exit system. The new TZ 320 stainless steel with LED back-lighting satisfies the request of many building operators for "visual resilience". TZ 320 can be integrated into the building management system via the new interface module IO 420 for intelligent building networking.

The TZ 320, made from polished and deburred stainless steel, is a design highlight, which offers now even more security. The high-grade processed 1.5 millimetre thick stainless steel V2A secures the door control unit from vandalism. Unauthorised removal of the front panel triggers a sabotage alarm. With three versions – standard with key switches, with RFID reader and a special application without emergency buttons, e.g. for nursing facilities – the right solution is available for any need.

The TZ 320 stainless steel enables three types of installation: a surface and flush mounted solution with a stainless steel flush-mounted box or installation in standard flush-mounted boxes. With only four screws, installation is fast and easy. The virtually identical design of the front panels on the surface and flush-mounted solutions contribute to a uniform look for the building. The lighting of the emergency exit sign can also be fitted subsequently. The TZ 320 stainless steel version has also been accepted into the test certificate of the P-3360-09 of the TZ 320.

Security in the system – effortless integration into the building management system

The door control units in the TZ 320 series provide a large number of interfaces. The innovation, like for all GEZE products, is that it can be integrated into the higher-ranking building management system via the new interface module IO 420 on the basis of the BACnet communication standard. In combination with swing door drives, motor locks or access control systems, they guarantee faultless usage of a door in all function types. With three single and double exits – whose parameters can be freely set as standard – and without any additional components, the TZ 320 provides very high functionality and thereby the greatest possible planning certainty. Requirements that emerge at a later time can be conveniently implemented.

The new panic lock IQ lock AUT from GEZE

Motor-driven unlocking of double-leaf automatic doors

GEZE will launch the IQ lock AUT self-locking panic lock from the IQ lock family. It fulfils the whole range of safety and comfort demands made on full panic doors with automatic door leaves on both sides. The multifunction system solution allows both door leaves to be opened and unlocked by means of a motor. Double-leaf escape doors with full panic function in case of emergency and self-locking after access (insurance-compliant locking) increase the possible applications. They can be used across the full door width as an RWA fresh air solution and for barrier-free passage in automatic mode. With the IQ lock AUT, GEZE is also placing its trust in intelligent building networking: thanks to the new interface module IO 420 on the basis of the established BACnet communication standard, it is possible to integrate the IQ lock AUT into building management systems.

The motor-driven release and opening of the active and passive leaf is carried out in less than two seconds. Parallel to this, both door leaves on full panic emergency exit doors can be unlocked in an emergency by pressing the panic bar. Therefore buildings can be evacuated quickly and safely. Every time the doors are closed both door leaves are automatically locked, providing reliable burglar resistance and insurance-compliant protection.

Accessibility and varied possible combinations

If at certain times – during daytime operation for example – insurance-compliant locking is not necessary, the "permanently open" function allows the lock components to be permanently unlocked. In this way, the door drives are activated very quickly (e.g. via a radar detector or access control system) and both door leaves open conveniently for barrier-free passage through the door.

Thanks to the numerous combination options, door systems with the IQ lock AUT can be planned providently with multiple demands. For example, an access control system, a smoke and heat extraction system (RWA), an emergency exit system (RWS) and a swing door drive can all be integrated into one overall door system. In the direction of emergency exit, the full panic function guarantees authorised passing of the door in normal mode and free passing in an emergency at all times. Authorised passage against the direction of emergency exit works using the access control system. In the event of a fire, the RWA fresh air function is activated via a fire detector and a RWA control unit.

The back set-independent design of the IQ lock AUT and the direct communication option via the GEZE bus system to the door drive provide installation advantages. Thanks to this flexibility, planners can react to all requirements on a door and offer specific solutions.

Smoke and heat extraction and ventilation technology / power control units

For large and complex smoke and heat extraction systems: the modular MBZ 300

The RWA control units perform supply, coordination and monitoring of all connected ventilation and extraction openings, as well as window elements. Not only in RWA cases, but also for controlled, daily ventilation. Thanks to GEZE control units, security and comfort can be perfectly combined. The intelligent GEZE IQ windowdrives can be controlled so that they react with different opening widths and speeds for RWA and ventilation. The control unit MBZ 300 is an example of the variety and flexibility of the modular RWA program. GEZE is presenting the MBZ 300 for the first time with the new interface module IO 420. The control unit can be integrated into BACnet-based network solutions, and therefore in the building management system.

The modular bus control unit MBZ 300 – for complex RWA systems

The MBZ 300 bus control unit is particularly flexible. It can be configured on an individual basis and can be extended thanks to its modular structure. Various basic sizes and modules enable the individual formation of drive groups and functionalities, including various possibilities for the activation of exhaust and fresh air openings. A wind direction-dependent activation of SHEVs in accordance with the European Standard 12101-2 can also be realised with the MBZ 300. The extension of the MBZ 300 is simple: standard functions can be configured on the basis of the number and sequence of the modules. Installation and commissioning can thus be performed quickly and easily, even without any programming. Using the PC software, even complex RWA functions can be represented. The MBZ 300 can therefore be set individually and also be subsequently adapted to structural modifications, for example the re-arrangement of fire sections or ventilation groups. As a project-specific solution, GEZE is also offering preconfigured MBZ 300 versions ex works. For an optimum line-feed in the building, the MBZ 300 can be installed in the building as a central control unit or can be decentralised in the form of several networked control units.

IST Systems electric strike systems

The perfect fit for comfort and design

The new A4000 vector electric strikes from IST Systems

Electric strikes are an essential aid on highly frequented entrance doors. The A4000 vector electric strikes from IST Systems, a member of the GEZE Group, are an optimal solution for doors with high heat and noise protection requirements. They symbolise a new quality of convenience, reliability and flexibility during use and installation. Their particular strengths include almost silent door opening as well as secure release of the lock latch even when under high preload – and without the need for additional electronics. With the typical small size expected from IST and the optional integration of the I.S.T.Kingfix latch guide, A4000 vector electric strikes give door manufacturers, installation engineers, architects, and planners new design options and greater planning security.

A4000 vector electric strikes are particularly recommended in noise-sensitive areas such as clinics or residential complexes. Combined with swing door drives, they open doors without problem even under preload conditions – for example when doors are under high pressure because of load due to wind pressure or door seals.

Minimalist door appearance – increased heat and sound proofing

The A4000 I.S.T.Kingfix version with integrated latch guide supports discreet door designs. Cutaways on the door profile can be reduced to a minimum. This means that door seals are not compromised and that the A4000 I.S.T.Kingfix is an optimal component when increased heat and sound proofing are needed. The size of the I.S.T.Kingfix latch guide is compatible with standard electric strikes and strike plates. This means that the A4000 I.S.T.Kingfix can easily be retrofitted.

A new balance of power

The very quiet opening, even under preload, and the high 5,000 N retention force of the A4000 vector electric strike series are the result of clear optimisation of power vectors within the electric strike. Thanks to the proven IST twin coil technology, distributors, door manufacturers or installation engineers need to stock only a few variants to continuously operate vector electric strikes in different voltage ranges from 6 – 48 V. The standard bipolar EMC protective diode protects against damage caused to connected components due to voltage spikes such as from access control and intercom systems. With more than 50 variants, the A4000 vector electric strikes series meets a number of wide-ranging individual demands.
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