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GEZE's system solutions combine various safety, functionality and convenience demands in one system

(PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) Preventive fire protection, controlled access or safe emergency exit routes: In order to guarantee safety at all times in buildings that many people enter and exit on a daily basis, there needs to be an optimum interplay of numerous components. As a manufacturer providing door, window and safety technology, GEZE provides system solutions in buildings for various door and window requirements. GEZE products are precisely coordinated with each other and can be combined flexibly. In addition, GEZE provides expert assistance from planning through to implementation and after-sales service maintenance. GEZE's comprehensive services ensure planning certainty, save time and reduce costs.

The GEZE security interlocking door system: Customised safety and security

To ensure access to authorised persons only: In many companies or organisations there are strict access rules for certain areas, e.g. in computer centres, banks, clean rooms, pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories or defined airport areas. For safety reasons, hygiene or confidentiality, intelligent and customised systems are required that only allow access to authorised persons. At the same time, they should also reliably and safely lead people outside in the event of danger while keeping the sensitive area under controlled protection.

With its system expertise, GEZE has created a multi-functional, individually configurable security interlocking door system. With the GEZE security interlocking door system, various scenarios can be realised at one door, e.g. "separation of persons", in other words assuring the entry of only one authorised person in a room, and "transfer passage", namely the exclusive transfer of objects in the double door system. The GEZE security interlocking door system combines access control and the burglar-resistant automatic locking mechanism of the doors after closing with accessible door convenience and securing of emergency exit routes. In this way, the double door system also serves as a safe emergency exit route out of the building and ensures the safety of persons in the double door system in any scenario.

A precise interplay

The flexible modular system offers numerous variation options, for example with single and double-leaf doors as well as manual and accessible emergency exit route solutions. It can also be combined with cameras. A smooth sequence of scenarios ensures the precise interplay of GEZE products: The team players are the SecuLogic access control system with non-contact or biometric identification, the automatic Slimdrive EMD swing door drive, the door control unit TZ 320 as the emergency exit control of locked emergency exit doors, the self-locking panic lock IQ lock AUT, the emergency exit locking system FTV 320, a sensor mat to verify whether there is really just one person or only objects in the double door system, and smoke detectors in case there is a fire.

When it matters - the double door system as an emergency exit route

In the event of an "Only one person can go through!" or "Only up to this point and no further!" scenario, one thing remains certain: personal safety is guaranteed in the double door system at all times because it serves as a safe emergency exit route out of the building in the event of an emergency.

Automatic and accessible

In the event of smoke developing in a part of the building that is not directly connected to the double door system, the convenience functions of an automated security interlocking door can be used to accessibly leave the building. Triggered by the smoke detectors, the system's chain of actions is initiated so that wheelchair users or persons with limited mobility can safely and quickly leave the building through the double door system without worrying about accessibility.

Manual and fast

If an emergency occurs in direct proximity to the double door system, direct manual reaction options are available since the automatic doors of the double door system are functionally closed. In the event of a fire, the chain of action is also initiated here by the smoke detectors to quickly leave the building via the double door system. During a fire or panic situation an escaping person can also press the emergency button on the door control unit to release the double door system and the external door. In both cases the electrical current of the emergency door locking system is switched off and the escaping person can get outside by pushing the door handle or the panic bar of the security interlocking door.

No matter whether the opening of the doors in the double door system is triggered automatically or manually in the event of an emergency - when the danger has been averted the functionality of the double door system is restored through a reset.

GEZE at the Security in Essen from September 23 - 26, 2014 in Hall 3, Stand 608 International trade fair for security and fire protection Technology

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