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GEZE RWA solutions: Window security and comfort - customised with system expertise

(PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) GEZE provides optimum solutions for automated window security and comfort that combine various functions and individual safety demands in one system. All the components are precisely coordinated with each other and can be combined flexibly. Secure smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA) as well as intelligent ventilation solutions - a welcome added benefit - can be realised using these systems.

GEZE's RWA system is a flexible modular system with electro-mechanical drives and emergency power control units in graded performance categories. This way windows can be used as smoke extraction openings. In addition, GEZE has a complete range of automatic door systems in its product line that can be used as fresh air openings for RWA. GEZE RWA systems can be enhanced by additional components, including sensors or indoor climate regulators, and can be integrated in the building system.

Extract smoke from escape routes quickly and safely

In the event of an alarm, the emergency power control unit is triggered via GEZE smoke detectors, manual RWA control units or a fire alarm central unit. GEZE's VdS-certified emergency power control units, for instance the MBZ 300 or the THZ Comfort, control the window and door drives thereby enabling secure exhaust of smoke and heat. Integrated batteries ensure that the emergency power control units also work securely and reliably in the event of a power failure.

Buildings can easily be ventilated automatically

Windows with electric motor drives have the advantage that, in addition to secure smoke removal, they can also be used for daily ventilation. If, for example, the sensors detect that the room ambient temperature is too high, the windows will open automatically for ventilation. Users can of course still use the manual vent switches to open windows as needed. Ventilation is easy and convenient with the intelligent drives and GEZE drives open windows automatically, reliably and quietly.

Electromotive window drives - simple and versatile Clever components that adapt

Whether it is a matter of automatic ventilation, in private housing for instance, or smoke and heat exhaust, GEZE has the right drive solution for any application.

The chain drive ECchain - ventilate comfortably

The ECchain chain drive is the high-performance basic model for simple automated ventilation. It has an integrated stroke adjustment of 200 and 400 mm making it adaptable to various ventilation requirements. The ECchain achieves a maximum opening angle, even for very low casement heights. Different colour options allow for optimum adjustment to existing window profiles. Universal fixtures and consoles enable easy installation in different window types.

GEZE IQ window drives – smoke and heat exhaust and comfortable ventilation in one

The Slimchain and Powerchain chain drives and the spindle drive E 250 NT can be used on various window types. They differentiate between alarm (RWA) and ventilation mode, in other words a fast and maximum and/or slow, limited and virtually noiseless opening. The infinitely adjustable drive stroke and the individually adaptable opening speed enable usage on RWA and ventilation windows of various sizes and with different opening requirements. In an "RWA event" these drives can attain a very large opening width in under 60 seconds. With the corresponding locking drive Power lock, they form the GEZE IQ window drives product family with the consistent GEZE design. All three drive variations are compatible with each other.

The integrated, intelligent control unit allows drives to be networked easily. The control unit ensures sequential and secure opening and closing of the windows as well as the synchronisation of up to three drives. GEZE supplies the drives completely with consoles. In addition to the standard colours they are also available in any desired RAL colour. With the innovative Smart fix installation system, the Slimchain and Powerchain can be installed quickly and conveniently. The drives are simply "clipped" to the consoles.

The smoke and heat extraction system control unit – modular and compact

RWA-emergency power control units assume the supply, coordination and monitoring of all connected vent and fresh air openings and components when an RWA event occurs and for controlled daily ventilation. The control units can control the GEZE IQ window drives, e.g. the Slimchain or the Powerchain drive in such a way that they react in a RWA event and for ventilation with various opening widths and speeds. This way safety and comfort are combined perfectly!

Depending on the size of the smoke zone and the requirements of the fire prevention concept, small and compact control units like the THZ Comfort are recommended for simpler applications, e.g. in staircases. The modular BUS control unit MBZ 300 is the solution for larger, complex RWA systems.

The THZ and the THZ Comfort can also be discreetly installed in narrow staircases. The THZ is protected by a sturdy plastic casing; the THZ Comfort has an impervious metal casing. The RWA and ventilation switches are integrated in the THZ Comfort. Operating comfort is improved thereby and the installation effort is reduced making this option especially suited for stairwells in publicly accessibly buildings.

The MBZ 300 is particularly flexible and individually configurable thanks to its modular structure. Various base sizes and modules enable individual formation of drive groups and functionalities, including various control options plus vent and fresh air openings. The MBZ 300 can thereby also be subsequently adapted to structural modifications, like the re-arrangement of smoke zones or ventilation groups for example. The installation and commissioning of the MBZ 300 can be performed quickly and easily without any required programming. Enhanced individual settings can be made using PC software. The MBZ 300 can also be configured ex works as a property-specific solution.

GEZE at the Security in Essen from September 23 - 26, 2014 in Hall 3, Stand 608 International trade fair for security and fire protection Technology

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