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Creative freedom with specialised solutions - GEZE Customer Solutions

GEZE at BAU 2015 in Munich from 19 - 24 January 2015 in Hall B1, Stand 538 - 539

(PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) Customised, cross-product solutions by GEZE leave nothing to be desired: From sound advice along with the compilation of the specific requirements to the design and project management, right up to production and the associated services. With GEZE Customer Solutions, customers benefit from customised (special) solutions from a single source for optimum safety and comfort. A central contact person is available, from the initial idea to the commissioning, to answer all questions - whether they are about special building requirements, applications in terms of traffic or solutions for machines and systems.

Competent support in every construction phase - GEZE Project Consulting

GEZE supports architects at home and abroad with the implementation of a wide variety of construction projects. The international experts working at our head office in Leonberg and the project consultants in our worldwide subsidiaries are fully up to speed with the specific local conditions and national building laws. Individual concepts and ideas can be realised in accordance with standards and guidelines.

GEZE provides assistance with the development of new ideas and with designing, planning and tendering, as well as during the implementation phase. Naturally this includes the devising of all the technically feasible solutions and the coordination of the interfaces with the pre- and post-construction trades just as much as the creation of property-specific drawings, door lists, wiring diagrams and much more besides. The project consulting services provided by GEZE are supplemented by events and presentations on specific issues or on new legal developments.

BIM is coming! GEZE will be there

GEZE provides safe and straightforward help for project planning. All GEZE products are not only translated into the BIM format of the leading CAD programmes, but the latest standards of the international standardisation committees are also incorporated. With this method, the creation of door lists can take place at the push of a button. However, GEZE BIM is capable of much more: In addition to 3D data, lots of other information will be available - e.g. for quantity determination, cost control, tendering or facility management. In addition to the visual effects, designers will profit from plenty of additional functions, e.g. interfaces to leading planning tools. GEZE BIM also takes into account country-specific features such as standards or certificates.

The GEZE customer portal offers added value - service tools from A to Z

GEZE supports its customers with thorough consultation and assistance. GEZE offers useful online service offers on the customer portal. This includes user-friendly tools for planning and configuration, tendering and ordering, setting parameters and maintenance of GEZE products and systems as well as an information and download portal.

The GEZE SystemShop enables quick and convenient tendering and ordering

The GEZE SystemShop offers the configuration and ordering of products in a user-friendly Webshop - and more. Products and system solutions can be configured and ordered easily and conveniently based on specific requirements. You just need to make a few entries and the webshop will display the components and accessories. The complete calculation is done online, saving users a lot of time. The SystemShop offers tender texts for downloading and creates ready-made parts lists. Customer documents, e.g. offers, orders and invoices, can be accessed and orders can also be tracked. There is a technical product library with information about the complete GEZE portfolio, which is also available through the GEZE App for iPhone or iPad. Planning is also made easy for users by the numerous tools available in the GEZE SystemShop..

Revolving and curved sliding doors - simple planning of complex systems

The configuration tool is now also available for revolving and curved sliding doors and simplifies the planning of complex door systems. System solutions can be configured in 3D using this tool. After entering the desired details, the configuration tool creates colourful 3D drawings, which can be displayed in an edited format.

Automatic door systems - individual configuration including cable plan

The SystemShop can be used to configure and calculate automatic door systems from GEZE individually. Similarly, end customer quotes can be generated with mark-up pricing. Automatic system drawings including cable plans are displayed with just a few entries about the products. An availability check and the order and shipment tracking always provide a quick overview.

The MSW configuration tool - the best result with only little effort

The configuration tool for MSW systems allows quick and easy project planning. Only a few details are necessary to obtain automatic layout drawings for instance. The tool now offers more configuration versions and clearly presents different stacking space options or systems without swing door end panels with SmartGuide technology.

The Pendulo configuration tool - simple ordering, clear and quick

The configuration tool for the static all-glass wall system Pendulo automatically configures the corresponding system. The data entered can be shown in real time in a preview window so that customers are optimally oriented at all times. Once the entry has been made, the tool lists the required system components and creates all the necessary drawings such as an overview drawing, assembly drawings for each individual glass element and a set of showing all the glass parts needed for the glass order.

WinCalc - the window technology configurator

The user-friendly programme, WinCalc, carries out the complex calculations required for the system design of a window: The calculation of manually or automatically operated ventilator windows of smoke and heat extraction systems or SHEVs is possible. Only the used window profile must be selected from an existing pool of SHEV-tested window profiles. The profile properties can be tailored individually for windows, which are not used in a SHEV. The only thing that WinCalc requires the user to do is to map the desired window. The programme then carries out all the calculations and outputs all the applicable drive solutions.

Project-specific RWA control units - easy and comfortable planning

With the new control unit configuration, it is now also possible to design an object-specific RWA emergency power control unit quickly and easily using WinCalc. For this, only the windows that are to be controlled, their group assignment and the accessories have to be defined. The composition of the control unit, i.e. the control unit type, the window drive connection and in the case of the MBZ 300, also the type, quantity and sequence of the modules, is automatically created. The entire smoke and heat extraction system can be presented as an overview. The required components can be entered in a list of items. The WinCalc interface for the SystemShop makes it easy to submit an enquiry and order for the calculated components - from the drive solution to the RWA control unit. The drive and consoles are transferred to the shop from a window design. Individual components or also the control units manufactured specific to the object can be ordered from the control unit configuration.

Automatic generation of the wiring diagrams for smoke and heat extraction systems

When transmitting the configuration results from the WinCalc control unit configuration to the SystemShop, a cable plan can also be generated now in compliance with the object-specific details. This does not only simplify the planning process. As the plans are assigned to the respective order, they also help in accurate documentation.

GEZEconnects - parameterise automatic door systems efficiently

Automatic sliding, swing and revolving door systems from GEZE can be programmed and maintained both simply and efficiently through a laptop or PC with the GEZEconnects software and rapid Bluetooth radio transmission. The straightforward readout of fault messages allows servicing and maintenance costs to be saved. Diagnostic functions show the most important parameters of the door system in real-time. Faults can thus be rectified in a very short time. All door settings can be saved for documentation, adopted for other systems and sent by e-mail. Existing systems can also be configured smoothly for GEZEconnects compatibility.

The GEZE service case - flexible testing of window drives

The service case provides everything to commission and test the IQ-windowdrive window drives from GEZE on site, even without any power connection. One of the advantages is official approval as early as possible. As an interface between the drives and the GEZE service terminal ST 220, the stroke and the speed of the drives can be adjusted quickly and easily using this standalone solution. The maximum output current of 5.5 A ensures that sets with multiple drives can also be commissioned. Function tests or fault diagnosis can be carried out using the integrated ammeter. The compact case is suitable for modern GEZE RWA drives as well as for 24 V drives without bus technology.

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