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Windmeasurement in the forests

Ge:Net installs two 100m meteo towers at forestal sites

(PresseBox) (Clausthal-Zellerfeld, ) The forest gets more and more interesting as site for wind farms. As open spaces in the plains available for wind farms are getting rare, the forests are moving into focus.

At two such sites in forest areas Ge:Net GmbH delivers and installs 100m steel lattice towers including wind measuring systems to collect precise data about the wind potential at the sites. The calculation of the estimated wind yield is very complicated in forest areas because of the strong turbulences and disturbances of the wind flow. This is why exact measurement at such sites is highly recommended.

The rigging of a meteo tower deep in the forest is quite challenging for the engineers. Space is restricted, and therfore the mast has to be mounted vertically. Each element of the mast is lifted by an electrical winch; industrial climbers then attach the element to the rest of the tower, move up, lift and attach the next element and so on. In this way Ge:Net is able to erect towers up to 140m height.

Working in such heights calls for high experience, concentration and a good head for heights, but rewards with a good view and acurate data even under such demanding conditions.

Ge:Net GmbH

Ge:Net provides turnkey wind measurement solutions for the wind farming industry inclusive towers, measuring systems, installation and maintenance. Even remote aeas, difficult terrain or extreme weather conditions are no impediments for Ge:Net to install their meteo towers and deliver accurate data about wind potential on site.