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Wind energy & Wind potential in Iran

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(PresseBox) (Clausthal-Zellerfeld, ) Alongside the highly controversial Iranian nuclear program an aspiring wind industry has developed in Iran almost unnoticed by other states, as Dr. Carsten Ropeter, managing director of Ge:Net, could determine during his business trip to the country.

Iran’s economy is still based on the country’s substantial oil and natural gas deposits. With a share of more than 70 % of the entire export volume, oil and natural gas are Iran’s most important export goods and therefore the key sources for foreign exchange. However, the economy’s remaining sectors are growing and with them the country’s own demand for energy.

To meet this demand without having to reduce oil and natural gas export i.e. the amount of foreign exchange, the Iranian government emphatically promotes the development of alternative energy sources. The aspect of renewable energy is dealt with by a special state agency, the Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SUNA). Founded in 1995, the SUNA became the sole responsible institution for renewable energies in Iran in 2003. SUNA sets the goals ambitiously: 7.000 MW electrical power is supposed to be generated from wind energy by 2016!

The development of the wind energy sector is well under way. Two wind farms are operating in Manjil and Binalood producing an overall amount of ca. 130 MW, a wind atlas has been compiled to identify further sites suitable for the installation of wind farms, and feed-in remuneration is settled - the prices vary between 9 and 13 U.S.-Cent. Moreover, SUNA has already issued licences for further 600 MW.

In the course of his business trip Dr. Carsten Ropeter, managing director of Ge:Net GmbH had the opportunity to talk to representatives of SUNA and various Iranian companies who obtained licences for wind farms. With SBS Energy, Ge:Net agreed on a partnership for the supply of meteo towers and measurement systems as well as for schooling and training qualified personnel on site.

Ge:Net GmbH

Ge:Net provides turnkey wind measurement solutions for the wind farming industry inclusive towers, measuring systems, installation and maintenance. Even remote aeas, difficult terrain or extreme weather conditions are no impediments for Ge:Net to install their meteo towers and deliver accurate data about wind potential on site.