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GE Healthcare and Florence Nightingale Kiziltoprak Hospital celebrate go-live of GE Centricity RIS/PACS

Centricity sets new standards in clinical quality and productivity. New possibilities in patient care with advanced RIS/PACS system.

(PresseBox) (Istanbul, ) To accommodate the massive increase of radiology patient data and images, Florence Nightingale Kiziltoprak Hospital in Istanbul has installed GE Healthcare’s Centricity RIS/PACS (Radiology Information System / Picture Archiving and Communication System) system. Recently opened in May 2007, the Florence Nightingale Hospital is a state-of-the-art healthcare enterprise and the fourth site of a Turkey healthcare network, which includes Sisli Florence Nightingale, Gayrettepe Metropolitan and Mecidiyeköy Europe Hospital. In the past, there was limited possibility to quickly share expert opinions about a patient’s health condition other than what was seen on the x-ray film. Today, doctors can share medical reports, images and data – filmless and paperless - throughout the healthcare enterprise.

Florence Nightingale Kiziltoprak Hospital operates with 74 beds, 3 operating rooms, 10 ICU (Intensive Care Units) beds for surgery, and among others offers a dermatology department, obstetrics and gynecology, physical therapy, cardiovascular surgery, urology and nuclear medicine. In addition to GE Healthcare delivering its comprehensive Centricity IT Solution for digital image and information management, GE has fully equipped the hospital’s radiology needs with innovative diagnostic imaging products ranging from MR (magnetic resonance) imaging with GE’s 3T MR Signa Excite HD to cardiac imaging with GE’s LightSpeed VCT to digital mammography and ultrasound imaging systems.

“As radiologists, we feel the installation of a modern IT solution like Centricity RIS/PACS is definitely a reason to celebrate,” Dr.Mustafa Þirvancý, at the Florence Nightingale Kiziltoprak Hospital. “When we started this project, the teams of medical staff, technicians, IT specialists and suppliers had to overcome the usual challenges that one cannot avoid when opening a brand-new hospital. Challenges ranged from providing power, to setting up a network, or simply creating the infrastructure needed for a state-of-the-art hospital. Thanks to the excellent teamwork of all parties involved, including GE Healthcare’s professional support, today the Florence Nightingale hospital has a sophisticated IT solution and a total number of 13 Centricity RIS/PACS workstations.”

A modern RIS/PACS delivers clinical tools to speed up the workflow and support medical decisions. To take advantage of the new technological advances, Centricity provides more than basic 3D inside a PACS. Enormous amounts of data can be viewed, enlarged or reconstructed three dimensional within seconds if needed. New tools like ultra-fast image display and storage, extended 3D review possibilities for colonography or vessel analysis, the speech recognition system or the business dashboard help to reduce waiting times and improve medical service delivery. The truly integrated Centricity RIS/PACS provides online-dashboards to manage the radiology department’s efficiency at the Florence Nightingale hospital. It helps to detect issues with workflow and waiting times. The result is increased productivity, a seamless workflow and potentially faster treatment of the patient. Centricity is a departmental and also a hospital wide solution for areas such as radiology, cabrdiology, oncology and dermatology.

“Today, with all medical images producing departments being part of this state-of-the-art IT solution, there are hardly any limitations for a radiologist or clinician to consult, retrieve or store a patient’s digital images throughout the hospital network,” said Filiz Güler, IT Specialist at the Florence Nightingale hospital. “Furthermore, the Florence Nightingale hospital will not be the only hospital to reap the benefits from this digital information management system. Patient images from the Florence Nightingale can now be shared remotely via the web where required, with other hospitals that are part of the network.”

The traditional imaging technique of hanging x-ray films on a light box is a thing of the past at the Florence Nightingale hospital. From any point in the hospital network, radiologists and clinicians can access digital patient data and take advantage of the possibility to compare previous studies with the present ones - at the time of diagnosis. Next step is to widen the IT network, improve remote reporting and to introduce a teleradiology community dedicated to increase exchange of information, improve communication of experts and more importantly, improve medical services for the patient.

“Over 400 hospitals in Europe and the Middle East region have chosen our Centricity solutions because our tools deliver clinical depth,” said Juergen Reyinger, General Manager, IITS Europe, Middle East & Africa at GE Healthcare. “Technologically advanced hospital environments such as the Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul, reveal the challenges an advanced RIS/PACS needs to and can fulfil”, Reyinger concluded.

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