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The New HoloTerminal- Sensational noble and to built up more than fast

(PresseBox) (Bergisch Gladbach, ) HoloTerminal - a crystal-clear message as bright as day, to buy or hire!

The HoloTerminal can display information and presentations as bright as day on location. The element, with its extremely sophisticated design, adapts perfectly to any environment it is set in.

Unlike traditional terminals, the technology withdraws gracefully to the background in visual terms. Here it is the design that plays the starring role: a bent glass screen with a 30" HoloPro(TM) 4 film laminated into it presents your message in a floating image.

The technology is well protected and safely positioned in the foot of the HoloTerminal: the latest generation of projectors, a Casio XJ-S52 DLP, projects the contents saved on a MacMini onto the screen, crystal clear and bright, via a mirror.

Width: 630 mm
Height: 1380 mm
Depth: 500 mm
Picture: 600 mm x 450 mm
Weight: 55 kg

The special design means that the HoloTerminal is extremely simple to set up on location: the HoloTerminal is delivered completely mounted in a flight case which can then be rolled out, unpacked, set up and connected on location (less than 1 minute!).

You're ready to go! No assembly, positioning or pre-adjustment is any longer required.