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HoloPro™ and the magic of interactive control

Premiere of the new HoloPro™ with beMerlin technology

(PresseBox) (COLOGNE, ) On the occasion of Exponatec 2007 in Cologne, G+B pronova GmbH (Bergisch Gladbach) will be presenting the latest generation of interactive HoloPro™ media displays.
Improved i-PrOS® touch systems and the premiere of the HoloPro™ with beMerlin gesture recognition are the innovations on display at Exponatec.

Transparent HoloPro™ projections on glass liven up the museum area. The HoloPro™ with i-PrOS® gives visitors the opportunity to call up more detailed information on the exhibits interactively on a transparent glass screen. When visitors have found the exhibit they are looking for, they can then control the presentation by touching the glass screen at the front.

Improved i-PrOS® touch control
The HoloPro™ film and the i-PrOS® touch foil are embedded in composite glass to protect them securely from outside influences. Improved embedding of the interface controller means no more unsightly cables in the frame.
Martin Kischkoweit-Lopin, Certified Engineer and CEO of G+B pronova GmbH: "The embedding of the HoloPro™ projection films together with our i-PrOS touch film in one screen means that we can offer our customers a presentation system that is both elegant and functional.
There are no more stuck-on foils or jutting out controllers to disturb the picture, and at the same time the electronic components are protected from any manipulation. The aspects of protection and operational security are of particular importance in museums."

HoloPro™ with the i-PrOS® touch foil can be embedded in glass surfaces of all sizes and versions. Roomhigh glass dividing walls are just as possible as monitor-sized individual screens. The complete system HoloPresenter i-PrOS® combines all the necessary components in one slim column, which can be used flexibly, depending on the task it has to perform, in the foyer or as an information column in the exhibition area itself.

A new cover protects the high-contrast projectors from manipulation. The new Digital Engine Mini PCs, which can be installed securely at the foot of the stand, round off the package perfectly.

Successful use in museums

The new permanent exhibition at the German Museum in Munich, "Photo + Film", the Mosel Wine Museum in Bernkastel-Kues and the German Röntgen Museum in Remscheid are the first to use this improved HoloPro™ with i-PrOS® touch foil.

German Premiere: Become a magician

G+B pronova GmbH and Atracsys LLC present the new HoloPro™ beMerlin system at Exponatec.

Gesture recognition permits a whole new kind of communication between man and machine. Controlling computers by pointing one's finger at a glass screen was presented as a vision of the future in Hollywood movies many years ago, but then, special gloves were still required. The revolutionary Atracsys beMerlin technology goes a step further: direct interaction with a multimedia application without electronic aids or visible markers. The hand alone is used for controlling.

Applications of the technology
HoloPro™ beMerlin provides a flexible technology for new, eye-catching presentation media. It can be adapted for a multitude of applications, e.g.:

- Info displays for museums and exhibitions
- Product presentations
- Interactive display cases
- Games
- Navigation for virtual landscapes


The user starts interaction with the system by means of simple gestures and becomes part of the application.
The unusual type of presentation attracts attention and draws in passers-by. Visitors' interest will be aroused -
the journey of discovery can begin.

Technology of the HoloPro™ beMerlin

The system consists of a transparent HoloPro™ screen, which has the application rear-projected onto it, and an Atracsys LLC hand tracking system. There are many possible hand interactions:

- Simulation of a mouse click or mouse movement
- Moving, displacing or changing the size of objects on the screen
- Several simultaneous interactions (Multitouch)
Magic starts at Exponatec...

G+B pronova GmbH is the first - and leading - provider of holographic projection screens. HoloPro™ was the first transparent projection screen in the world and is the leading projection screen both in market and technological terms today.
HoloPro™ is developed and produced by G+B pronova GmbH in Germany. Sales are effected via a worldwide network of dealers.

Atracsys LLC is an independent privately held company founded in 2003 to exploit over ten years of research in minimally invasive surgery and optical tracking at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Their experts design, manufacture and market the hightest precision devices for researchers working on leading-edge 3D optical tracking in medical research, education and industry.