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A topical issue: gateProtect shields companies from dangerous Stuxnet offshoot Duqu

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) Experts recently uncovered a Stuxnet-based trojan called Duqu that has been specifically designed to steal corporate data. Although its exact origin and effects have not yet been identified, it is clear that Duqu targets Windows computers. The intrusion prevention system (IPS) in gateProtect's next generation firewall prevents the trojan from penetrating company networks and proves that protection is possible.

Duqu behaves like a typical botnet trojan. Once a computer is infected, the trojan encrypts information on it and sends it to a command-andcontrol server. It may also install keystroke logging malware to detect password entry. Cybercriminals can then use the passwords to set up a targeted attack on a company. gateProtect solutions include an intrusion prevention system that contains the latest signatures specifically designed to block this type of intruder. As a result, gateProtect's next-generation firewall is able to stop the Stuxnet offshoot from communicating and stealing data. It also blocks the trojan's access to the internet.

Dennis Monner, CEO of gateProtect, comments: "Threats from the internet are getting more and more dangerous and Stuxnet is a good example of that. This new variant, which has been nicknamed 'son of Stuxnet' with good reason, makes it very clear that attacks designed to steal data can have an explosive effect on business. That's why it's so important for companies to implement up-to-date, powerful defense mechanisms such as gateProtect's next-generation firewalls that include the latest IPS solutions."


Alongside their technical highlights, gateProtect products stand out from their competitors with their unique ease of use. gateProtect is a leading provider of next generation firewalls with an end-to-end implementation of the ISO NORM 9241 guidelines relating to ergonomic product design. With its innovative and patented eGUI® (ergonomic Graphic User Interface) technology and its Command Center, gateProtect again raises the bar for easier configuration and management of firewall systems for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). The eGUI® technology enables a significant increase in enterprise security as well as higher efficiency levels for ongoing system maintenance. This delivers lower operating costs for customers.


gateProtect currently has 40,000 installations around the world. The company's customers in Europe include wellknown companies and institutions such as TÜV Thüringen, E.ON Energy, Mercedes Benz, Galileo Satellite Systems, Deutsche Bahn, Kneipp, Constantin Film, and the Technical University of Dresden.

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