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Green Broadband LED as a tailored solution for life science applications

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) FUTURELED is offering a new broadband LED around the green range for specific applications in life science including blood measurements, spectroscopy and fluorescence. The unique spectral characteristic is specifically designed to support life science applications that have been very complex and challenging until now.

FL-LED-440-545BR is a color conversion LED with 70 nm bandwidth. The phosphor conversion provides the dominant maximum around 545 nm and is much broader than conventional LEDs. The specifically tailored bandwidth covers the range needed to effectively measure blood in varying conditions. High efficient and well-designed packaging includes state of the art thermal management and makes it a stable and reliable light source for reoccurring measurements.

Pulse rates can be detected by varying amount of reflected light during the changes of pressure when a heartbeat occurs. The broader spectrum enables more stable measurements on different skin conditions. Driving the LEDs with different currents adapt the sensor to even more conditions for reliable results.

Spectroscopy applications in absorption or reflection measurements benefit greatly from the high power layout of the LED. Reliable, low noise measurements can be easily taken to ensure great results. Conventional light sources with filter arrays can be replaced by this long lasting and stable LED.

Fluorescence application can be easily set up as only the excitation spectrum is provided. Since the LED is not emitting any secondary spectrum to the long range clear measurements can be easily achieved.

LED technology in form of FLD-440-545BR makes compact systems possible which combine effective and precise measurements.

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