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Quality leader Fronius comes out with the first transformerless inverter

(PresseBox) (Wels, ) Fronius International GmbH, quality leader and specialist for grid-connected inverters, is launching its first transformerless inverter, the Fronius IG TL, the most future-proof device of its kind providing maximum earnings security in power classes of 4 and 5 kW.

The design of the Fronius IG TL incorporates all the advantages of a transformerless device with the high innovation and quality demands of Fronius. Its standard system monitoring feature makes it the most lasting transformerless inverter on the market providing maximum earnings security.

Standard system monitoring: for long-term security of maximum earnings

The integrated 'Status Manager' immediately reports any PV system faults, helping to minimize any loss of earnings:

- The string malfunction detection feature immediately reports any errors in the entire system (e.g., gnawing damage to cables from small animals, module failure, etc.). Malfunctions can be detected early by continuously comparing the currents of connected strings.
- The display of detailed status codes makes it easy to isolate the exact source of errors, enabling quick troubleshooting.
- Integrated signaling contact for connecting a signaling device (e.g., buzzer, light)

Precise MPP tracking using the proven Fronius Module Manager ensures that you get the most out of each ray of sunlight.

Update capability and easy data management using a USB stick

The Fronius IG TL is the only inverter to offer the option of easy system monitoring as well as easy inverter updating using a commercially-available USB stick.

The inserted USB stick collects system information during inverter operation, which can then be uploaded to a PC and analyzed and archived using the Fronius Solar.access software.

When a software update is available, it can be downloaded from the Fronius website to the USB stick. The USB stick is then simply inserted into the inverter, and the operating functions are updated automatically.

System monitoring 24/7

The matrix display of the Fronius IG TL is supplied with power on the AC side, enabling you to access the day's system information, including status messages, even after sundown.

Service-friendly installation system

The connection area and power module of the Fronius IG TL are installed separately from each other. When service is required, the connector and all cabling remains on the wall. The removable DATCOM slot, with its USB stick connection, optional DATCOM components as well as the signaling contact, can also remain on-site. All settings and configurations remain unchanged.

Heat- and dust-free ventilation concept.

The device body in the Fronius IG TL is hermetically sealed. Only the cooling fins for the electronics are located outside and cooled using an intake airflow system, so there is no exchange of inside and outside air.

Housing protection class & availability:

Fronius IG TL inverters have a housing protection class of IP 55. The series launch of Fronius IG TL devices will take place after a successful 6-month field and test phase starting in June.

List prices not incl. VAT:

Fronius IG TL 4.0: € 2.200,-
Fronius IG TL 5.0: € 2.650,-

New from the Fronius DATCOM area: Fronius String Control 250/25

With the Fronius String Control 250/25, Fronius is launching an additional product for professional string monitoring of large PV systems in particular.

With it, up to 25 module strings with a total current of up to 250 A can be combined and protected by fuses. Fuses are installed into the String Control via easy-to-use fuse holders.

The new Fronius String Control constantly compares the currents of the connected strings with each other. This allows errors in the entire system, such as gnawing damage to cables from small animals, module failure, etc., to be detected and isolated early and prevents earnings losses from sneaking up.

The Fronius String Control 250/25 is compatible with all Fronius inverters and is particularly effective in combination with Fronius IG central inverters.

Housing protection class:
The Fronius String Control has a housing protection class of IP 55.

List price not incl. VAT:
Fronius String Control 205/25: € 1.750,-

Fronius IG TL 4.0 / Fronius IG TL 5.0
The first transformerless PV inverter with standard system monitoring for maximum earnings security.

The DATCOM slot can be used for connecting the USB stick, optional DATCOM components as well as the direct signaling contact.

Service-friendly installation system
The connection area and power module are installed separately from each other.

Fronius String Control 250/25
The Fronius String Control 250/25 continually compares the string currents of up to 25 module strings. This enables you to quickly detect and localize errors in the entire system.

Fronius International GmbH

Fronius International is an Austrian company based in Pettenbach with additional locations in Wels, Thalheim and Sattledt as well as manufacturing sites in the Czech Republic and Ukraine. Fronius has three main divisions Battery Charging Systems, Welding Technology and Solar Electronics. Outstanding products and services make Fronius the technology leader in the world market. The company has more than 2500 employees globally, 1900 of whom are based in Austria. The export share of 90 percent is achieved via 12 sales subsidiaries, two representative offices (Turkey/Welding Technology and China/Solar Electronics) and 130 international sales partners. Fronius invests 6.8 percent of its total sales of EUR 370 million (fiscal year 2008) in research and development. Fronius holds 585 active patents.