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Maximum Earnings – In any Weather.

With this promise, Fronius introduces its new PV inverter generation, the Fronius IG Plus, at this year’s Intersolar in Freiburg.

(PresseBox) (Thalheim, ) Our ambitious goal: Make maximum use out of every ray of light.
Getting the maximum earnings in months with less intense sunlight, on cloudy days or even in the early morning and evening hours, requires an inverter that must be able to quickly and precisely react to the smallest weather changes and also be able to operate efficiently, reliably and uninterrupted.
To achieve this goal, the Fronius Development Team started with the proven Fronius IG series and looked for ways to apply new solutions and innovative ideas in many areas:

Constant high efficiency over a wide input voltage range
“Regular” inverters only have one efficiency peak and the efficiency characteristic drops off constantly after its peak value – regardless of whether or not there is a transformer. Only Fronius inverters have three efficiency peaks using the principle of automatic transformer switching. This provides constant, high efficiency over a wide input voltage range. This ensures optimal earnings for system operators – independent of the respective input voltage. Even installers prize this advantage since it makes installation planning that much easier.

Optimized Module-Manager™ for fast and precise reaction to even the smallest weather changes
The Fronius Module-Manager™ has been optimized for use with Fronius IG Plus and now offers even faster and more efficient MPP tracking. The goal is to always remain at the maximum power point to get the most out of each ray of light, which is especially important for thin-layer modules whose efficiency characteristics are more even.

MIX™ concept guarantees reliability, uninterrupted operation
The Fronius MIX™ concept - currently a synonym for reliability and durability for power modules – has also been re-implemented for the next generation.
You should also not underestimate its contribution to ensure maximum earnings: because it is very important to get the most of the available sunlight and operate the inverter at the best possible capacity for diffuse lighting conditions as well as for sunrise and sunset. The MIX™ concept makes this possible: by automatically switching back and forth between power modules as required.

Integrated DC disconnect and innovative power plug system ensures simplicity and safety
During the development of the Fronius IG Plus inverter, we paid special attention to both safety and ease of installation: The units are equipped with an integrated DC disconnect, which eliminates the need to install an additional DC disconnect system thus reducing cabling effort to a minimum.

Another highlight: the Fronius IG Plus was designed so that the connection compartment and the power module can be installed separately from each other. Both housing units are connected via an innovative power plug system. When servicing is required, the connection compartment including cabling as well as all settings and configurations remains untouched on the wall – only the power module needs to be removed and replaced.

Fronius IG Plus: Multi-talented
The new Fronius IG Plus can be installed both inside and out. Because of its wide input voltage range of 230V to 600V, it is well-suited for use in numerous PV systems.
In addition, the 3-phase unit (Fronius IG Plus 150) prevents unwanted and unauthorized negative phase sequence currents. Because of its standard, integrated grounding option, the Fronius IG Plus is perfect for all module and system types. It also offers more flexibility for planning and installation.

The new inverters will be available in the following power classes: 4kW (Fronius IG Plus 50) 8kW (Fronius IG Plus 100) and 12 kW (Fronius IG Plus 150). The Fronius IG Plus 100 is also available in both a one phase and a two phase version. All three devices will be presented at Intersolar 2007. The Fronius IG Plus 50 will be available in mid-2007. All other power classes by the end of 2007.

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