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FPC Cables

(PresseBox) (Pullach b. München, ) What is an "FPC"?

FPC stands for Flexible Printer Circuit and is basically a very thin printed circuit board that can extremely bendable and flexible. As the name implies, components can be soldered directly to FPC's. Because of their flexibility, FPC's can be used to replace flat ribbon cables; this is especially interesting for electronics which have space constraints and must be wired in very small cases or in miniature electronics applications such as endoscopy video cameras. Where a conventional 2 layer PCB has a typical thickness of approximately 1mm, the equivalent FPC can have a thickness of less than 0.15mm and because they are flexible, they are ideal for use in compact applications. Framos is capable to provide extremely thin and flexible FPC's of varying categories to replace conventional PBC/flat cable combinations. Applications include cameras of all types - video, digital still and miniature cameras, Hard Disk Drive head wiring, medical sensors, flat panel displays, automotive sensor and signal lines and much more.