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Lightweight USB camera for dermoscopy and trichoscopy

New dermatoscope for more flexibility and greater convenience

(PresseBox) (Bad Birnbach, ) Elegant, compact, lightweight and brilliant: the new FotoFinder leviacam is built on 25 years of experience in developing cameras. It stands for highly advanced FotoFinder technology combined with a compact camera design. The new USB device ensures a flexible and convenient capturing process of high-resolution images for dermoscopy and trichoscopy.

Despite its small size and light weight of only 220 grams, the digital dermatoscope provides a powerful and user-friendly solution that is absolutely reliable in continuous operation. Via the control panel on the surface, all imaging functions of the FotoFinder universe software can be managed comfortably. At the touch of a button, it is possible to switch between immersion and polarization, depending on the structure or vascular features of the lesion and on the preference of screening with our without immersion fluids.

Thanks to the 13 megapixel resolution, the camera takes excellent micro and overview images. The magnetic optics can be attached to and taken off the camera easily and make it possible to take pictures without additional lighting. FotoFinder leviacam is the only camera in its class with autofocus and thus is best equipped to capture sharp, high-resolution skin images, without great effort or losing time. The live image of the camera is displayed in Full HD, without any delay.

The body of leviacam consists of resilient and extremely light aluminum which is also used in the aviation industry. Thanks to the high quality material and the shapely design, it provides a particularly elegant solution. The camera can be connected to a PC or laptop via USB 3.0 and is easy to take along.

Besides its use in dermoscopy, leviacam is also perfectly suitable for the documentation of skin diseases and treatments as well as for computer-assisted hair diagnostics. The USB dermatoscope takes high-resolution clinical and microscopic images of the scalp. In order to outsource the time-consuming measurement and evaluation processes of the various trichoscopic features, the pictures can be transferred to the TrichoLAB expert team, providing diagnostic support. Additionally, the FotoFinder Trichoscale pro software offers a wide range of possibilities for hair measurement and analysis, including a digital Trichogram.

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FotoFinder Systems GmbH

The family-run company based in Bavaria, Germany, has been developing medical imaging systems since 1991. It is specialized in skin cancer diagnostics by means of Automated Total Body Mapping (ATBM) and digital dermoscopy, as well as in hair diagnostics and trichoscopy. FotoFinder imaging systems are also used in the field of aesthetics. Subsidiaries in Italy, Spain and the USA as well as a global network of distributors support the company’s worldwide presence. All manufacturing takes place at the company’s facility in Germany.

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