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Fiberlink Enhances Its Enterprise Mobility Platform to Include Seamless Corporate WLAN Integration

Allows Enterprises to Reduce Resource Strain and Costs of Mobility by Consolidating Access into a Single Software Solution

(PresseBox) (München / Blue Bell, ) - Fiberlink Communications Corporation, a trusted provider of secure mobility for the enterprise, today enhanced its Extend360 Mobility Platform™ to include a new corporate wireless LAN solution that seamlessly detects private networks and authenticates users in accordance with IT policies and profiles. This solution simplifies connectivity for both employees and IT.

Fiberlink’s Extend360 solution helps companies reduce their software image footprint by consolidating multiple connection managers into one platform for mobility. Fiberlink recently surveyed 333 IT managers on the number of wireless connectivity agents they have on a standard laptop image. The majority of respondents said they we supporting an average of three connection managers per machine. This requires resources like manpower and time and creates confusion for end-users.

“The number of wireless access points that are popping up can be confusing for employees as they try to figure out which one to connect to, and difficult for IT to manage as the number continues to grow,” said Kitty Weldon, principal analyst at Current Analysis. “Fiberlink makes getting connected to the Internet and corporate resources easier for employees. This is good for IT since it lowers the number of calls to their help desk and increases productivity. Fiberlink’s solution balances ease of access with strong IT security management for the enterprise.”

With Fiberlink’s solution companies do not need wireless supplicants because the 802.1x wireless standard and its many authentication methods, including smart cards and token support, are integrated into Extend360. IT administrators can establish network and security profiles that are distributed from the platform to employees over any Internet transport. Furthermore, these policy updates are universal and can apply to any type of access – roaming Wi-Fi, home Wi-Fi, 3G, etc.

“Fiberlink’s Extend360 solution solves three hard-to-balance objectives – saving money, making wireless connectivity easy and fortifying IT security. Companies are constantly juggling these three priorities and need solutions that offer no compromise,” says Dave Merriwether, Fiberlink senior director of product management. “By adding this new feature to Extend360, Fiberlink can meet the mobility and security needs of IT for everything wireless - roaming, corporate, home and 3G. This latest addition to our platform is just one more example of our role as a pace-setter in our industry, enabling IT to connect, control, secure and save.”

In addition to adding new connection intelligence to its mobility platform, Fiberlink has added new profile configuration and publishing features to its Extend360 management center. The solution can detect all forms of connectivity available to workers, and it can take appropriate action based on IT policy.

When employees attempt to connect to wireless networks at company headquarters, Extend360 ensures that proper security and access controls are in place and being enforced then auto-connects them to the information they need using the appropriate authentication methods. When employees connect from home, Extend360, after ensuring proper security and access controls are enforced, automatically connects to the home wireless network and launches the VPN, if that is corporate policy.

The latest release of Extend360 gives mobile workers a consistent login experience and a single set of authentication credentials to remember. The streamlined experience drives down help desk costs by lowering the learning curve for mobile workers.

By adopting Fiberlink's solution, businesses can rid themselves of the many wireless connectivity managers they had been forced to deploy and maintain in the past. Extend360 with this new wireless feature is available now. Please contact Fiberlink at for more information.

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