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Powerful solutions and a wealth of expertise for reliable component and surface cleaning

The 11th annual parts2clean trade fair with about 240 exhibitors from 15 countries -- Bilingual technical forum – Cleaning expertise with a payoff

(PresseBox) (Neuffen, ) About 240 exhibitors will be represented when the doors open at the 11th annual parts2clean trade fair at the Stuttgart fairgrounds on 22 October 2013. “Attendees not only expect the world’s most comprehensive range of products and services designed to carry out industrial parts and surface cleaning reliably, cost-effectively and ecologically,” says Olaf Daebler, manager, Surface Technologies, at Deutsche Messe. “Numerous innovations are being showcased as well.” The bilingual (German <> English) technical forum is also providing wide-ranging information on optimizing cleaning processes.

Whether the process is de-greasing, de-burring, cleaning, checking residual soiling, or temporary corrosion protection – in recent years, the requirements for cleanliness have increased enormously in manufacturing, maintenance and remanufacturing – and this despite rising cost pressures. More than ever, companies are facing the challenge of carrying out cleaning processes highly efficiently, safely and ecologically. The approximately 240 exhibitors from 15 countries at the 11th annual parts2clean fair offer the solutions to handle these tasks. The share of foreign companies at this year’s top international fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning is about 19 percent.

New products and services in all the exhibit areas
Many exhibitors are bringing innovations and advances to the fairgrounds in Stuttgart. They include totally new developments: equipment for cleaning with hydrocarbons, modified alcohols and polar solvents, which stand out for their high flexibility, optimized handling and the reduced need for space. Moreover, the innovative technology makes it possible to reduce energy consumption and unit costs in the cleaning process. A dry ice blasting unit is also being presented. It allows the reliable cleaning of very filigree, generatively manufactured components. Other innovations include new cleaning nozzles for aqueous spray washing. Like a percussion drill, they use a pulsating spray. These jets virtually “hammer” the dirt from the components using the high kinetic energy of the spray jet, and they can be integrated into many existing cleaning devices. Exhibitors offering systems for reliable, cost-effective de-burring – even within interiors -- are much more strongly represented than they were at previous events. Various developments in cleaning media are also being presented. They include a salt-free multi-metal cleaner capable of handling high pressures; it assures complete, unspotted drying. New developments in cleaning containers and workpiece carriers help reduce processing times and costs while optimizing results. Exhibitors are also putting forward innovations and advances to handle the increasingly important task of checking and documenting cleanliness. For example, in the bath monitoring and maintenance fields, exhibitors are showcasing equipment for the constant measurement of fluid concentrations as well as systems for the efficient treatment of process water and wastewater. Trade fair attendees can also find innovative, cost-effective conservation and anti-corrosion measures and packaging.

Valuable expertise on tap – bilingual technical forum
The parts2clean technical forum has established itself as one of the most sought-after sources of information in cleaning technology. “There is an international need for information on the various fields of parts and surface cleaning,” says Daebler. “So for the second time, the technical forum is taking place with simultaneous translation (German <> English) of all lectures.” The Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance is handling the technical coordination of the program, which covers a variety of areas with a total of 29 lectures ranging from the basics to special questions. The four presentations for the first session on Tuesday (22 October) fall under the category “Market and Methodology of Cleaning Technology.” Among other features, this includes lectures on systematically evaluating different equipment concepts, using the example of an aqueous one-chamber device, as well as the choice of the best possible cleaning medium. During the afternoon, the technical forum turns completely to quality assurance in industrial parts cleaning. The lectures provide information on fundamentals, highlight paths to solutions and offer progress reports. At the conclusion of the session, attendees have the opportunity to delve into various topics with speakers and exhibitors. On the second day of the fair, the morning session focuses on corrosion protection and on cleaning media and their monitoring. The presentations in the afternoon deal with an extremely wide variety of options for “process optimization.” On the fair’s third day, the forum program begins with a lecture series on de-burring. Various processes, along with their potential and limits, are presented. The afternoon session deals with analytics. The lectures range from information on new requirements, particle analysis in technical component cleaning, technologies for optical inline inspections of technical surface purity, and the answer to the question: “Do we achieve technical cleanliness with the highest or less stringent clean room standard or....”

Participation in the parts2clean technical forum is free of charge to trade fair attendees.
The complete program, additional information and the exhibitor list can be accessed at

The leading international fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning runs 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., on all three fair days, 22 to 24 October 2013.

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