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FSK Polyurethane Flexible Foam Group founded

Specification and technical data sheets to uniformly describe PUR qualities

(PresseBox) (Stuttgart, ) Frankfurt / Stuttgart (FSK). The newly founded Technical Specialist Group Polyurethane Flexible Foam in the Specialist Association Foamed Plastics and Polyurethanes (FSK) will focus its attention on the specifications and quality features of polyurethane flexible foams. "Especially when, in flexible foam applications for customer industries, not only ingredients but also mechanical properties are important we are trying to develop uniform guidelines for the entire industry", said the new Chairman of the Specialist Group Flexible Foams, Manfred Stahl (Eurofoam Deutschland GmbH) explaining the objectives of the new FSK committee. The new committee will pick up the work of the former Polyurethane Flexible Foam Industry Association (VWI) and seek a close dialogue with customers and user industries from the sectors furniture, mattresses, automotive and also technical flexible foam applications. Properties of PUR-foams such as pore structure, hardness distribution, permeability, elasticity and electrical conductivity will be described. Doing so will not only define the various types of polyurethane flexible foams but also determine principles for quality ensuring production processes and environmental and health protection.

In addition, the question of how to define viscoelastic foam, which has become increasingly important in the health sector as well as furniture, mattresses and pillows, shall be specified. Members of the FSK's new Technical Specialist Group PUR Flexible Foam will for the most part be manufacturers of polyurethane block and form flexible foams, but also manufacturers of mattresses, car seats and furniture. In this polyurethane sector, over 300.000 tons of PUR are processed in Germany per year. The new specialist group's spokesman Manfred Stahl expects that the compilation and editing of the technical instruction sheets will take a little time yet and that they will be published accordingly. Mr. Stahl also noted that these technical guidelines are not meant to be a rigid construction, but rather to be developed together with the user industry.

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