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Forget about battery packs; kraftwerk is a fuel cell powered portable charger

Generate unlimited electricity anywhere - on a plane, in the Nevada desert, or at your office - Apple and Samsung express interest in new technology

(PresseBox) (Wilmington, ) eZelleron Inc., based in Wilmington, Delaware, is currently experiencing a huge rush. It has developed the smallest power plant in the world – just 200 g. The plant generates power from lighter gas or camping gas. On January 5, 2015, eZelleron Inc. introduced the pocket power plant on Since then, the company has been receiving thousands of advance orders. Even Apple has signaled interest in the product. Sascha Kühn PhD, President and Founder of eZelleron Inc., met with representatives from Samsung on January 21, 2015.

“Freedom is one of our most fundamental attainments. Kraftwerk gives you the freedom to be whatever you want to be,” said Sascha Kühn, President and Founder of eZelleron Inc. “With our newly developed power generation technology, anyone can charge their smartphone or tablet at any time – on a plane, in the Nevada desert or in the office.”

“We have experienced a huge rush since our technology was first launched. It’s just crazy. Our phones haven’t stopped ringing and we can barely keep up with answering emails. On January 21, we have met with Samsung to explore possible cooperation. Apple and other big companies in the technology and automotive sectors have also made inquiries,” stated Kühn.

eZelleron Inc. is collecting funds on for its first series production. The Wilmington-based business was able to amass over 700,000 dollars within two weeks, and has already registered over 7,000 advance orders.

“I’m calling on all Americans: Be a pioneer and be one of the first people in the world to use your own power station – kraftwerk,” implored Sascha Kühn.


eZelleron Inc

eZelleron Inc. is a subsidiary of eZelleron GmbH. Since its founding in 2008, eZelleron has been developing low-emission energy sources as mobile power supplies. The CEO and head of eZelleron's team of 25 experts is Sascha Kühn PhD.

Qualified materials scientist Sascha Kühn earned his doctorate in the field of high-temperature fuel cells. He is the author of 30 patents and has already won several industry awards.

You can find more information about kraftwerk at Kickstarter and