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eZ Systems announces technical release of the eZ Publish 5 Platform – the Kilimanjaro version

(PresseBox) (Köln, ) eZ Systems announces the technical release of the eZ Publish 5 Platform and invites partners, developers and customers to attend launch webinars on 27 November 2012 (English) and 28 November 2012 (French) (

2012 marks a year of continuous and major paradigm shifts in the relationships between IT, business and our greater society. At eZ Systems it is the year where the forces and technologies that have long been forecasted as coming together to enable real and long term change has materialized. The result will lead to evolutionary and even revolutionary thinking and practices in digital experience management.

The November 2012 release of the eZ Publish 5 Platform – the Kilimanjaro version - is the culmination of several years of prediction, innovation and planning by eZ and their global partner, customer and community ecosystem. Together they have built in the eZ Publish 5 Platform an Enterprise Open Source digital development platform that fulfills their mission to enable the full life cycle management of best-in-class, content-driven digital businesses

By design, the eZ Publish 5 Platform represents a combined set of complex and integrated digital technologies and orchestrated business models that enable strategic operations and processes to serve the needs of the individual end user. Based on the solid web content management legacy a broad toolset for digital engagement is offered such as recommendation systems, personalisation, analytics, marketing automation, and direc to customer interaction.

Gabriele Viebach, CEO commented: “The platform is truly enterprise ready in terms of performance, availability, security and agility. It remains true to its core Open Source roots with an open architecture and environment that promote both visibility and scalability. It is a uniquely elastic platform with solutions fitting the needs of the smallest office up to the largest of multinational enterprises. It is sustainable allowing for predictable and measured growth including interoperability with today’s already existing and tomorrow’s still to be imagined digital services.”

Chief Product Officer, Christof Zahneissen added, "Web Content Management technology and Portal technology are merging and evolving towards user experience platforms (UXP). These so called “systems of engagement” are the foundation for sustainable digital business models. eZ Publish 5 is one of the first platforms of this kind and delivers the architecture for real digital experience management.

Dr Ralph Hünermann, Chief Technology Officer concluded “The new API concept we have introduced for eZ 5 consist of multiple layers: Public API, REST API and Persistence API. Leveraging the innovative power of the eZ Community, the new, intensively tested API is currently available in preview mode within the eZ Community. If you are worried about migrating existing projects to Kilimanjaro one primary advantage of the eZ Platform is its industry-leading flexibility and scalability. With Kilimanjaro, you will be able to update your implementation equally freely between the two architectures of the 4.x series and 5 series, based upon which option best fits the situation."

eZ Publish 5 Platform can be described as a software solution that can be subscribed in suitable packages for family businesses, mid-sized business and large enterprises including public sector organizations.

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eZ Systems is the globally recognised commercial open source software provider. Our leading and innovative approach takes your enterprise platform beyond content management (CMS) into creating a true digital experience with systematic optimization capabilities. The eZ Publish platform sets new standards for digital lifecycle management, including recommendations and smart web analytics functionality, coupled with an application market place of certified extensions. Thousands of organizations worldwide benefit from optimized and intelligent multi-channel communications solutions. eZ's client base includes small, medium and large enterprises across all industries such as media, publishing and broadcasting, financial services, telecoms, retail, government, manufacturing, logistics, and education.