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eyevis is finalist at the InAVation Awards 2010

The new eyevis LED DLP cube has been chosen among the most innovative technologies and is finalist at the Inavation awards 2010

(PresseBox) (Reutlingen, ) Now in their fourth year, the EMEA+ InAVation Awards recognise and reward the achievements of all those working in the diverse pro AV integration sector. Supported by the leading industry media resources, these awards celebrate all that is best in the Pro AV systems industry throughout Europe, The Middle East, Africa and beyond. At the Inavation awards, all global AV technology manufacturers who have released category relevant product are invited to enter their technologies. A professional jury will select the finalist for the public voting.

In the last year for the technology voting around 12,000 votes from over 60 countries were made. As well the number of participants as the publicity for the finalists and the winners was immense in quantitative and geographic aspect. To develop and to advance this award the website, where the votes can be made is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. The award is organized by the AV magazine Inavate (IML Group). The winners of the EMEA+ InAVation Awards will be announced on the eve of ISE at the award's ceremony. Around 1,500 Guests from across the EMEA region will celebrate in Amsterdam the best AV technologies and installations from the past year.

As last year eyevis has been selected with its eyecon control room or wallmanagement software as technological innovation as finalist for the Inavationa Awards, again this year the eyevis LED DLP cubes for video walls have been chosen as finalist in the categorie commercial display. The the new EC-LED cube series, eyevis presents a revolution in the fields of modular video walls. The displays are available in different sizes and resolutions. Besides native HD-resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) in 60” and 67” and SXGA+ (1,400 x 1,050 pixels in 50”, 67” and 80”), this new eyevis product will also be available in WUXGA resolution (1,920 x 1,200 pixels) in 70” in 16:10 image format and also in XGA resolution (1,024x768 pixels) in 50” and 67”.

With this world’s first rear-projection cube with LED light source, eyevis has set a milestone. The cube is designed for sophisticated 24/7 applications. The technology is based on the DLP™ (Digital Light Processing)-technology by Texas Instruments. This leading display technology allows the display of high-resolution images in best image quality. The cubes were developed according to the requirements in areas with difficult lighting conditions and other security relevant conditions.

The MTBF of the LED’s averages 60,000 hours according to the manufacturer. Thanks to the LED-technology, the use of consumables such as lamps and colour wheels can be avoided; therefore operating and maintenance costs could be more than halved. The DLP™-technology guarantees that no burn-in or image retention effects occur when displaying static images, like it can happen wih Plasma or LCD monitors, when displaying static images over a long period.

For their LED cubes, eyevis has various options and extensions are available. A unique feature of the eyevis LED cubes is the colour and brightness correction within the different modules of a video wall, which is done fully automatically. In some applications like control rooms it is very important to have a reliable system as important information has to be controlled 24/7. Therefore eyevis has developed the ”Colour-Rescue-Control”, which is a process for prevention of information losses at failures of illuminants at digital projectors.Digital rear projection cubes are the main visualisation systems used in command and control rooms to display processes, video cameras etc. Usually these projection systems use lamps as illumination units, these lamps have a certain life-time, but it is known that these lamps can fail before reaching their end of life-time. This means if the lamp fails, there is no picture anymore. For that reason automatic dual lamps were developed to switch to a second lamp when one lamp is failing. With that higher degree of reliability was achieved. Eyevis has developed a system to solve the problem of information loss in their new LED cubes if one LED is failing, still the remaining LEDs are capable to display the image information. The eyevis LED cubes have also additional features like the reporting, for example there is the possibility to read out different datasets of information out of the system. These information can after getting it out of the projector be visualized over excel charts and in diagrams. These data like the temperature course inside the cubes (internal and external temperature sensors), how often the system has automatically re-adjusted the colour and brightness, the deviation of the colour and brightness to the reference value, temperature of each individual LED can be obtained on a daily basis if required. With this system you have at every stage an information how your system is working and in case of problems you can analyze in detail what was the reason and if the system reacted correctly. This new revolutionary technology, is setting new standards and unifies a lot of advantages compared to existing technologies like traditional UHP lamp cubes, LCD and Plasma technologies. Also in terms of operating or service costs, lifetime, stability and picture quality this new product fits various applications. The eyevis LED cubes fit perfect 24/7 applications like control rooms but also applications where you need a reliable display with stable colours and brightness and real colours like for example TV or broadcast applications these new systems are the perfect solution.

eyevis Gesellschaft für Projektions- und Großbildtechnik mbH

eyevis from Reutlingen in Germany is specialized in the development and production of high-quality large screen systems and guarantees a continuous further development in high-tech, quality and complete specific customer display solutions. Besides the rear projection units, based on the DLP(TM) Technology from Texas Instruments and controllers to manage multi-projection walls, eyevis is also developing intelligent software solutions to achieve a complete, unique and perfect large screen system. The name eyevis stands for quality, innovation, flexible and redundant systems and solutions in the field of large screen visualisation. For every application, whether control room or communications, conference or congress area, foyer, show room, information system, exhibition, convention, event or training centre, eyevis offers a solution tailored to your individual requirements with the best image quality. The product range also includes high-resolution TFT LCD monitors and special solutions for simulation and virtual reality applications.

eyevis' ambitious principle has always been the permanent further development of its product range which aspires to include the most modern technologies in perfect quality. The result of this "state-of-the-art" philosophy is the permanent development of products which constitute cutting-edge technology in their field of application. This makes eyevis one of very few manufacturers who are able to provide complete systems - high-end quality "Made in Germany ".

Thanks to its many years of experience and technological advantage eyevis is the ideal partner for the realisation of complete and customised solutions. Continuous investments in research and development guarantee a head start in the field of large screen technology.

eyevis has a worldwide network of offices, subsidiaries and Service & Sales partners that have trained engineers for consultancy, installation and service for eyevis systems in their country or region. Today, after 12 years of experience and presence in the fields of large screen visualisation eyevis has become one of the leading producers of large screen technology. eyevis systems can be found in numerous control rooms and other applications all over the world.

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