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Metalworking machinery industry finds a new place to be

(PresseBox) (Hannover, ) METALWORKING 21XX is an addition to EXPO21XX's impressive online exhibition platform for the high tech, high density metal and machine tool industries. The current design is in compliance with EXPO21XX's presentation of products and manufacturers through quality videos, pictures and texts for better exposure and comparative possibilities for potential customers. Prominent among the exhibitors are CMS Industries, SHW and WEINGÄRTNER.

Presently, there are over thirty halls listed which include manufacturers from the metalworking machinery, precision drilling tools, robotic cutting, welding systems and the casting and forming branches. Hall 1 displays classic CNC machines embedded with modern control technology that can automatically cut complex shapes and parts with high precision. They surpass mechanically controlled machines in accuracy and speed. Hall 2 focuses on milling machines. These machines use rotary cutters to remove layer upon layer parts of the material to create mechanical parts such as engine blocks and gears.

The excellent qualities of the products show the level of research and time invested to develop equipment that not only optimize the production processes, reduce production costs and environmentally friendly, but also intelligent to network with other machines.

As one of the largest branches in engineering, the metal working industry contributes significantly to the machine tool industry. "The Metal Working platform is the logical consequence of our success with our Factory Automation platform in attempt capture all branches in automation", said Markus Baumgartner, the CEO of EXPO21XX.

EXPO21XX has distinct plans to expand METALWORKING 21XX to include other forms of machine tools such as grinding and surface treatment before the end of 2014.

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