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Car Park Surveillance

with EVOS Car Track

(PresseBox) (Karlsruhe, ) The EVOS Car Track System is a compact processor, which is based on the ARM Technology and which is equipped with the EVOS software for reading and evaluation. Additionally, the software has an integrated SQL data base.

With EVOS the user can create intelligent systems to e.g. observe parking decks or to secure whole car parks. Due to the use of standard cameras on each parking deck, it is possible to observe not only the entrance to the car park. Therefore it is not only possible to determine the length of stay of a car by reading the numberplate of the care on entering and leaving of the car park. What is more, the license plates can be read on every deck and the data can be forwarded to a computer.

This has the advantage that, in case a customer has forgotten on which park deck he left his car, the system can tell which deck was the last deck where it read the specific number plate of the customer. Therefore this would be the deck where the car was parked.

Several software options allow e.g. either to check vehicles against a stored list of data or to record the elapsed time to charge for the parking time.

The EVOS Basic system features a Quadcore ARM processor, which is stored in a small box with the measurements 100 x 100 x 50 mm. The recorded data are stored in a SQL data base, which is based on a permanent storage system.

The EVOS system is available in two versions: the DualCore version or the QuadCore version, depending on the number of cameras used. Optionally the system is equipped with a 32 or 64 GByte drive. The cameras are connected to the system with Ethernet. The EVOS system supports up to 128 cameras. Depending on the configuration it is delivered with two cameras. With this a simple car park surveillance can be created: one camera captures the incoming cars and one camera the outgoing cars.

The system also supports nearly every standard camera, which means that it is possible to use already built in cameras with the EVOS system.

Additionally, the EVOS Reader software is available as library.

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EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH

EVT - Eye Vision Technology develops the easy-to-program image processing software "EyeVision". Due to the drag-and-drop function, even users without programming skills can create inspection programms.

The EyeVision software is created for application in industries such as automotive, electronic, robotics, measurement technology, etc.

Additionally EVT also provides the right camera or smart camera such as EyeCheck or EyeSpector.