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ES-6600SF RAID: Now featuring 8 Gbit Fibre Channel in SAN

EUROstor is now providing ES-6600SF RAID series with 8 Gbit FC interface

(PresseBox) (Filderstadt, ) EUROstor's most successful RAID series, ES-6600SF, is characterized by high performance with hardwaresupported RAID 6, and also by high compactness. In addition to the traditional design with 16 or 24 hard disks accessible from the front it is also available as an ultracompact solution with 42 hard disks on a rack with 4 units.

Now these RAID systems with 16, 24, or 42 SAS and SATA hard disks (or a combination of these) are also provided with 8 Gbit Fibre Channel interface. By means of up to four fast FC connections (two ports per RAID controller) even very large data volumes may be stored in a short time.

Due to the fact that their interface ports automatically adjust to the speed of the server or switch to which they are connected, the RAIDs may also be used in existing 4 Gbit storage networks. In the SAN the individual volumes will be allocated to the respective servers by means of WWNmapping; thus the access rights may be controlled directly on the RAID.

As with all ES-6600 systems, set volumes with different RAID levels may be generated in one single RAID set, allowing for a much more efficient use of the disks especially in case of large systems with many volumes.

"Many of our customers use ES-6600 RAIDs for the recording of large data volumes, e.g. data resulting from video recordings. Very often, in case of such big streams of data, the bandwidth of the storage connection is the only limiting factor. Here, the new 8 Gbit interface represents an enormous progress", says Franz Bochtler, Managing Director of EUROstor. "But even those customers who do not yet use an 8 Gbit Fibre Channel network want to maintain that option for future expansions. Therefore, with the new ES-6600SF RAID systems, they receive high investment protection without significant additional costs".

ES-6600 RAID systems are also available with SAS or iSCSI interface, as single and dual controller systems.

The price for a ES-6642SF 8 Gbit FC RAID system, e.g. with an initial gross capacity of 42 TB on 21 x 2 TB Enterprise SATA-II hard disks and 2 x 8 Gbit FC host interface, amounts to € 13,351.- VAT included (€ 12,900.- without VAT).

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