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42 Disk Drives on 4 U

The new EUROstor RAID6 systems offer high capacity in low space

(PresseBox) (Filderstadt, ) The amount of data being produced in today's applications like video surveillance still grows faster than the capacity of single disk drives. Therefore the storage systems needed grow. EUROstor answers this situation with a new model in her ES-6600 RAID 6 series.

In these new enclosures 42 disk drives can be attached to a single controller, another 42 with a SAS expansion box. The disks can be inserted from above instead of from the front. As the system can be moved out of the rack like a server, disks can still be replaced or inserted during operation. But the space is used in a much more efficient way - nearly doubling the number of disks in a 4 U system.

The new ES-6600 RAID can be offered with SAS or 4 Gbit Fibre Channel interface,. the controller has 2 ports, SAS ports consisting of 4 x 3 Gbit in one cable.

Like in previous ES-6600 RAID systems, different RAID sets can be defined in one system, and within the RAID sets again volumes with different RAID level. This gives maximum flexibility when assigning the storage space to different servers. RAID sets can be expanded at a later time, also with disks of the expansion box.

SAS disks (up to 600 GB) and SATA enterprise disks (up to 1 TB) can be mixed within the same system, giving the right storage type to each specific application.

"Our customers need inexpensive but still reliable storage capacity, and often they need a lot of it", says Franz Bochtler, President of EUROstor. "Today we ship most of our RAID systems fully equipped with the biggest had disks available for 24h usage. With the new 42 disk version of our RAID systems we can offer this for a really good price: for less than 30 Euro Cent per GB using 1 TB disks."

A ES-6600 RAID system, e.g. with 42 TB raw capacity on 42 x 1 TB Enterprise SATA disks and 2 SAS host interfaces costs € 13,990.- incl. VAT (€ 11.756,30 without VAT).

EUROstor GmbH

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