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Win-win situation for exhibitors and trade visitors

LogiMAT 2015 in Stuttgart

(PresseBox) (München, ) For the first time, the industry gathering in Stuttgart will occupy seven out of the eight exhibition halls. The range of exhibitors and the informative accompanying programme highlight solutions for the current challenges of Industry 4.0, resource efficiency and integration and flexibility. TradeWorld, the trade fair for modern trading processes, has been incorporated for the second time. It covers the e-commerce sector in particular and, with the range of exhibitors and information on offer, acts as a bridge between commerce and intralogistics.

With more than 1,100 international exhibitors (+10%) from 27 countries, 85,000 square metres of exhibition space (+13%) in seven out of the eight halls at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre and 25 specialist forums featuring more than 100 experts from business and research, LogiMAT 2015 is not simply the most comprehensive exhibition in the intralogistics sector in the history of the International Trade Fair for Distribution, Materials Handling and Information Flow. "The high level of demand from exhibitors, as a result of which we have succeeded in increasing exhibition space, with no vacancies, by a good 10,000 square metres, makes LogiMAT 2015 the front-runner in the intralogistics trade fair calendar anywhere in the world," says a delighted Exhibition Director Peter Kazander, COO of EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH, Munich, organisers of LogiMAT. "With its range of exhibitors and information, LogiMAT offers a unique overview of current development trends and solutions for greater efficiency in the intralogistics process chains." In addition TradeWorld, the trade fair for modern trading processes which, in 2015, is linked for the second time to LogiMAT covers, with its exhibitors from the area of retail logistics and six specialist forums specifically geared to the challenges of multi-channel trading, in particular the subject areas surrounding e-commerce as a driver of development. "Despite the additional hall occupancy, thanks to the building's structure at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre LogiMAT remains the "short distances" intralogistics trade fair with four merged exhibition halls in two interconnected wings," states Kazander. "The hall layout, clearly structured by industry segments, on the one hand gives trade visitors with special interests selected points of direct contact; on the other, from an overall perspective LogiMAT offers a uniquely compact overview of the current range of products and services available in the highly diverse intralogistics sector."

As a working exhibition, information exchange and the most important industry gathering in equal measure, under the trade fair motto "Mastering complexity - Intelligent design for the future" LogiMAT 2015 will act as a barometer of trends for the "mental state" and innovative capacity of the industry. What are the hot topics currently moving intralogistics? Which product innovations, solutions and recommendations are being offered by the representatives of their industry segments? How does commerce gear itself to the logistics challenges existing between procurement, e-commerce and the point of sale? From 10 to 12 February 2015, the exhibitors and speakers at the specialist forums will give the answers at LogiMAT 2015 and TradeWorld 2015 in Stuttgart. "Users want transparency and efficiency in their processes in order to master growing complexity and - where possible - to turn it to advantage," is how Kazander explains the trade fair motto. "In parallel with this, both economic development as well as the latest research approaches and the ever shorter development intervals of the extremely wide range of technology sectors are having lasting effects on intralogistics. Any company investing now to reduce cost pools, to improve processes on a continuous basis and to position itself as best it can among the competition into the future, wants the investment certainty of future-proof systems."

Dynamism and innovative capacity of the intralogistics industry

The drivers behind the sustainable alignment of business enterprises have long been identified: the growing challenges posed by e-commerce, the future project Industry 4.0 and the concept of the Internet of Things. The specialist forums at LogiMAT will go more deeply into these subject areas from a technical and scientific perspective and highlight requirements, objectives and the trends behind future developments. The guiding themes underlying current approaches to problem-solving in the intralogistics industry, as shown by the pre-show announcements of LogiMAT exhibitors, target, both as far as hardware and software systems are concerned, resource efficiency, transparency, flexibility and integration capability. "The wealth of new ideas manufacturers have translated into products and solutions springs from the high level of dynamism and innovative capacity of the intralogistics industry, which is largely characterised by medium-sized companies," is Kazander's assessment. "Many of these innovations are being presented to the international trade audience at LogiMAT for the first time. Particular importance is being given to optimised networking and the intelligent integration of the latest developments in digitalisation and technologies, for instance from the areas of sensor technology, imaging or new composites." This is because modern optoelectronic sensors, for example, such as those being shown by the company Datasensor GmbH in Hall 5, Stand 5C01, in the shape of its compact S100 series, only 20 x 32 x 12 mm in size, form the basis for many applications and automation systems in intralogistics.

The additional range of exhibits extends from new developments in tugger trains to the supply of production and working areas via new labelling and crane systems and current developments in the growth area of plastic pallets to the integration of augmented reality (AR) techniques, with which users are given supporting information for instance on order picking sequences or articles and pick quantities via smart glasses directly during the work process. In the shape of vo-CE v.5, Itworks s.r.l. (Hall 7, Stand 7F64) is showing, for instance, the latest release of a suitable software solution for all mobile devices with Android operating systems and Google Glass.

"In the process LogiMAT 2015 reflects the guiding themes of problem-solving approaches not only in its trade fair motto but equally with its proven, clearly arranged hall layout by industry segments," says Kazander. "This also shows flexibility and integration capability, provides transparency and thereby conserves the personal resources of trade fair visitors."

Accordingly, in the halls of the north wing LogiMAT 2015 has concentrated exhibitors from the key intralogistics segment of high-performance and extremely innovative mechanical and plant engineering and construction (Hall 1, 3 and 5) as well as software providers for efficient warehouse and transport management, process simulation and optimisation (Halls 5 and 7). Incorporated into this is TradeWorld in the centre of Hall 5. In the halls of the south wing opposite, suppliers of labelling, identification and packaging technology (Hall 4) along with all the well-known forklift manufacturers (Halls 6 and 8) will provide a complete overview of the latest developments in their industry segments. CEP service providers such as GLS (Stand EO10) will already be displaying their offering in the East Entrance area of the Trade Fair Centre with visitors to TradeWorld in mind, and exhibitors such as Gaerner GmbH (Stand EO21) will be presenting world firsts such as extremely light, mobile lifts, product highlights such as antibacterial boltless shelving units for clean room areas or the only pallet truck made from predominantly non-metallic materials.

With their exhibits and innovations, the hall and shelf construction, materials handling and storage technology companies, operating equipment manufacturers and the general contractors and system providers will be focusing on optimum storage space utilisation and increasing efficiency thanks to dynamic, partially and fully automated materials handling solutions. Swisslog AG (Hall 1, Stand 1B51) is therefore showing the innovative compact storage system AutoStore. The modular compact storage system for light goods consists of an aluminium grid that looks like a channel storage device tilted by 90 degrees. It is supplied via overhead rails by small, so-called robots (service vehicles) which facilitate highly dynamic from and to-bin transfer processes while offering a high space utilisation ratio.

On the stand of its sister company DLS Dynamic Logistic Systems B.V. (Hall 1 on Stand 1B41) BSS Materialflussgruppe is showcasing fully automatic high-performance systems for the high-speed order picking of packaging units (packages) with patented Flowpicker technology. The centrepiece of the Flowpicker systems is a so-called "flow channel store", in which the packages to be picked are stored singly on several levels above one another in storage tracks. The system operates without rack feeders or shuttle vehicles and is said to make possible order picking capacities of up to several thousand picks per hour. At LogiMAT, Daifuku (Hall 3, Stand 3B40) is presenting, among other things, a pallet rack feeder (RF) that operates in a lane with a shuttle rack with a bearing load of up to one tonne. Bedrunka + Hirth GmbH (Hall 3, Stand 3C21) is showing a video-supported packing assistance system which can be controlled by optical gestures of the operator and thus speeds up and makes the packing process more ergonomic for staff. At the same time, certain gestures also automatically trigger the print-out of accompanying documents, labels and delivery notes or the next packing order, for example. The WalkLift System, being exhibited for the first time in Europe by Ban-Air Storage Systems (Hall 1, Stand 1B62), a motor-operated lifting and transport handling device with active safety zone sensors integrated in the storage rack by a mast and bridge system, sees itself as an alternative to forklift or high-lift trucks. In its exhibits, logistics automation specialist Dematic GmbH (Hall 1, Stand 1H31) will be focusing - with the trade audience of TradeWorld in mind - on solutions for the parcels business, e-commerce and the retail trade.

Flexibility, transparency and improved integration

With its wide-ranging spectrum of exhibitors, TradeWorld, the trade fair for modern trading processes, is living proof of how closely trading processes and intralogistics are now intertwined, how they interlock with one another and mutually control each other's activity. Service providers such as contract logistics specialist Dachser (Hall 5, Stand 5G04) will be providing insights into value added services such as display construction, returns management, sleeving or packaging. The Drescher Group (Hall 5, Stand 5F39), one of Europe's leading print service providers, will showcase its service offerings around the theme of "Label solutions and systems for logistics". In the shape of Acteos FPS, IT provider Acteos GmbH & Co. KG (Hall 5 Stand 5F41) has developed multi-level forecasting software for inventory optimisation and sales planning as well as procurement and returns management, which can be used directly at the POS, in the central warehouse or in the e-commerce area. FlexiRobots GmbH (Hall 5, Stand 5, 5C25), a general contractor and single source provider for turn-key plant in retailing logistics, is presenting to the international trade audience for the first time at TradeWorld the novel system concept of a fully automated, shelf-based storage system which manages without conventional materials handling technology.

"Without exception, these are systems and solutions designed for greater flexibility, transparency and further improvements in horizontal or vertical integration," is how Exhibition Direction Kazander sums things up. And these characteristics also identify the range of solutions offered by IT providers in "Software Hall" 7. In the shape of the "active mobile" app, active logistics AG (Hall 7, Stand 7C80) will be presenting an alternative to mobile data acquisition units (MDA), with which freight forwarders can increase data quality in tracking and tracing. Drivers load the shipment data via log-in or barcode scan into the app of their Android smartphone and then drive using their sat nav direct to the destination address. The shipment status is recorded via the smartphone and transmitted directly to the scheduling department of the freight forwarder. The solution is of use, for example, to carriers who work with varying subcontractors on long-distance transport runs, but would nevertheless like to offer their customers continuous tracking and tracing.

CIM GmbH (Hall 7, Stand 7C36) is showing an optimised "KPI cockpit" with integrated traffic light function for its warehouse management system ProlagWorld. The cockpit pools together the warehouse's most important key performance indicators and displays them in graphical form. In the process users can define threshold values in the dashboard which are monitored at runtime. The trade fair presentation of PSI Logistics GmbH (Hall 7, Stand 7D76) focuses on current releases enabling the PSIwms warehouse management system, for example, to offer so-called adaptive scenario management. When defined key performance indicators have been reached, using these releases IT switches the systems over automatically to an optimised type of operation such as, for example, high load, low load, night shift or emergency operation, depending on the situation. Alongside this, an integrated warehouse service broker with control over the warehouse management systems of other sites offers universally transparent, holistic warehouse management and process management with inventory optimisation across all warehouses. Moreover, on the exhibition stand of Logivations GmbH (Hall 7, Stand 7F03) "the world's first interactive optimisation of logistics networks from the cloud" will be on show in the shape of the W2MO logistics software enhanced by the internet-based geographical mapping service Google Maps.

Intelligent solutions and a high degree of dynamism also characterise the range of products in the halls of the south wing. In Hall 4 on Stand 4B71, for example, Easypack GmbH is exhibiting a modular conveyor with paper padding machine that supplies several workstations and packing stations at the same time with packaging material made of 100 per cent recycled paper. The modular conveyor can be adapted flexibly to an extremely wide range of spatial conditions. In the shape of the CHAINsterGT, SWF Krantechnik GmbH (Hall 6, Stand 6D04) is showing an innovative electric chain hoist with integrated hoist inverter and a wealth of functions for effective and rapid working. It enables partial loads, for example, to be moved at double the lifting speed. AGV supplier MLR (Hall 6, Stand A59) will be presenting the automated Phoenix R-1.5 Lr pallet truck featuring a vehicle controller which sends the automated forklift to the next charging station for a top-up charge of the fast-charging lithium-ion batteries during the briefest breaks in operation. With a covered lift mast, enclosed hydraulic unit and built-in materials complying with strict GMP requirements, the equipment can also be used for intralogistic transportation in clean rooms.

Forklift expertise pooled in Hall 8

In Stuttgart, Frog AGV Systems GmbH (Hall 6, Stand 6F10) - an Oceaneering International Inc. company - likewise a manufacturer of freely navigating automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems, is presenting in the shape of the Frog UniMover a completely new universal vehicle in which the chassis of a 3-wheel vehicle with a 1,500 kg payload can be tailored flexibly to the respective requirements of users by adding a superstructure designed for an extremely wide range of applications, for instance mounting plates, a lifting table or an automatic trailer coupling. Carer GmbH (Hall 6, Stand 6C52), manufacturers of compact electric forklifts with large load-bearing capacities, are coming to Stuttgart with their current top-of-the-range model, the Carer F80HD. With a load-bearing capacity of eight tonnes and a load centre of 600 mm, the manoeuvrable, emission-free heavy-duty forklift with 96-volt technology is designed as an alternative to diesel and gas forklifts.

LogiMAT 2015 has pooled together a wide range of forklift expertise in Halls 6 and 8. More than 50 exhibitors in the category of ground conveyors and accessories, among them all the leading German forklift manufacturers such as Jungheinrich, Linde and Still and well-known international suppliers such as Combilift from Ireland, the Dutch company Doosan Industrial Vehicles, Turkey's Kama AS and Ningbo Ltd. from China are present in Stuttgart. "A combined group of companies in the forklift and ground conveyor sector offered by no other intralogistics trade fair in the world," states Kazander. Besides their current model ranges, most manufacturers will also be showcasing new products. In the shape of the B640-B650, Cesab Material Handling Europe (Stand 8D03 in Hall 8) will accordingly be presenting a new electric counterbalance forklift in the 80V B600 4-wheel electric forklift model range with AC drive.

Expertise and knowledge transfer

In 2015, the second important pillar of LogiMAT will be, as ever, "expertise and knowledge transfer by business enterprises among one another as well as between business and science", according to the Exhibition Director. Alongside daily live events and a series of presentations by exhibitors, LogiMAT will fully meet the information needs of trade visitors with a top-class accompanying programme at conference level. Supported by media partners and leading specialist institutions including AIM Deutschland, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Loerrach and the Institute for Distribution and Trade Logistics (IDH) of the Association for the Promotion of Innovative Processes in Logistics e.V., the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) and the Association of German Engineers (VDI), more than 100 expert speakers from business, research and the international trade media will discuss the hot topics in the industry on the three days of the Fair on seven forum areas in the exhibition halls. A total of 31 specialist forums, six of them under the auspices of TradeWorld, will each address the key issues affecting the industry in one-and-a-half hour sessions. Alongside Industry 4.0 and automation, on Thursday, 12 February special attention will be devoted to the topic of "Careers, Training and Continuing Education". Here's a look at the forum topics:

- Revolution? Revolution! - the state of play in Industry 4.0
- New developments in packaging and transport logistics
- Customised facilities maintenance
- Successfully implementing lean in logistics
- Industry 4.0 as a concept for the future and the basic principles of Auto-ID
- The increasing importance of automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems
- Fit4Age - organising logistics workplaces to meet human and economic needs
- Dynamic stock balance
- The status of Industry 4.0
- Innovative overhead transport solutions
- New handling concept in food retailing
- Excellence in manual picking
- Change in automotive logistics
- VDI 2692 - shuttle systems for small loading units
- Intelligent & mobile Auto-ID systems for logistics
- The service and transport system (STS) as an autonomous AGV system
- Energy management: nobody knows for certain
- Material flow in Industry 4.0
- Practical tips for finding a forklift
- Searching for and finding skilled workers!
- Career opportunities in modern intralogistics
- Supply chain financing
- Picking 4.1
- Training and careers in the packaging industry

Supported by the co-operation partners of TradeWorld - the Federal Association of German Mail Order Booksellers e.V., the Federal Association of German Collection Companies e.V. (BDIU), the Federal Association for Parcel and Express Logistics (BIEK), the Federal Association for E-Commerce and Mail Order Selling Germany e.V. (bevh), the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) and Institut des Interaktiven Handels GmbH (IDIH) - six forums will focus explicitly on ranges of topics tailored to the requirements of the manufacturers of branded goods present, representatives of the high street retail trade and traditional mail order businesses, of e-commerce and the multi-channel trade as well as their service partners. Here's a look at the range of topics:

- The success factor in payment
- Fulfilment in practice
- Spotlight on customers across channels
- Returns management: challenges and problem-solving approaches
- E-commerce challenge: is a parcels jam looming?
- Future forum on trade

In addition, via the IFT Day of the Institute for Material Handling and Logistics (IFT) at the University of Stuttgart under the slogan "Intralogistics - Future - Technology" on the second day of the fair, trade visitors to LogiMAT 2015 can acquire an overview of new technologies in intralogistics. Daily live events on the subject of "Load securing" (Hall 5, Stand 5D71), the AIM Tracking & Tracing Theatre (Hall 4, Stand 4F03) or the Logistics Innovation Forum (Hall 7, Stand 7A71) will round off the informative accompanying programme of LogiMAT 2015.

Last but not least, in the morning at LogiMAT 2015 the prestigious "Best product" prize is traditionally awarded in the three categories of: "Software, communication, IT", "Order Picking, Conveying, Lifting, Storage technology" and "Identification, Packaging and Loading technology, Load securing". The awards presentation will take place on the first day of the fair at 10 a.m. in an event open to the public directly following the introductory speech of the opening ceremony on Forum I in Hall 1.

"With its comprehensive range of exhibitors offering a concise overview of the industry unique anywhere in the world, the informative accompanying programme designed to encourage constructive dialogue among market participants and the integrated TradeWorld Fair, LogiMAT 2015 is a must for a trade audience that wants to remain at the cutting edge of technology and invest in a way that secures the future," sums up Exhibition Director Kazander. "As a shop window for the major market leaders and a platform for innovative medium-sized companies, LogiMAT also draws its trade audience from precisely this investment-aware business segment. As a result, the International Trade Fair for Distribution, Materials Handling and Information Flow generates a classic win-win situation for exhibitors and trade audience alike."

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