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Everything that moves the intralogistics sector

LogiMAT 2014 in Stuttgart - Preview

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A unique and impressive line-up is promised at LogiMAT 2014: over 1,000 exhibitors from the intralogistics sector will be gathering together for this top industry event. They will be showcasing their latest solutions for efficient logistics processes on around 75,000 square meters of exhibition space in six halls at Stuttgart trade fair centre. The concept behind the fair, with the individual halls being dedicated to specific segments of the industry, offers the trade audience a comprehensive overview of the market. And LogiMAT´s informative accompanying programme will be even more attractive in 2014, with the inclusion of the TradeWorld Forum, which gives the retail sector direct access to the logistics world.

25 to 27 February 2014 are the dates for the 12th LogiMAT, to be held at the exhibition centre in Stuttgart – Messe Stuttgart. The motto for this extensive intralogistics showcase is "Intelligent networking – Mastering complexity", and over 1,000 international exhibitors from around 20 different countries around the world will be converging at this event to showcase their latest solutions for optimising the process chain on around 75,000 square metres of exhibition space. For 150 of these exhibitors it will be their first time at the show. "With the exhibitors' presentations at this show, and the opportunities to gather information, LogiMAT 2014 offers a full review of the market, of everything that´s happening in intralogistics, from procurement to production and delivery," is how Exhibition Director Peter Kazander sums it up. "With a clearly structured layout of the different segments in the industry, and a coordinated accompanying programme, LogiMAT 2014 covers the entire spectrum of topical and trend themes and at the same time presents the information, products and solutions required to address these themes. Alongside the high-calibre programme of events that is traditionally expected of LogiMAT, we will also for the first time be putting on the "TradeWorld Forum". In this forum it´s all about modern retailing processes, and the products and services in stationary, interactive and multi-channel trading. The TradeWorld Forum at LogiMAT gives the retail sector direct access to logistics. For exhibitors and trade visitors, LogiMAT 2014 is therefore an absolute must."

With its motto of "Intelligent networking – Mastering complexity", LogiMAT, the 12th International Trade Fair for Distribution, Materials Handling and Information Flow, is underlining the broad and forward-looking nature of the themes covered at the show, and, as the sector´s first industry gathering of the year, it is also underlining its claim to being the trend barometer for intralogistics. "Among the key drivers within the supply chain is high cost-pressure, increasing integration between the players, and rising expectations that the customers have of the retailers, which is then passed on by the retailers to the manufacturers," explained Kazander. The logistics sector overall is facing challenges on the one hand in terms of customer expectations of on-time deliveries and the use of innovations, and on the other as regards generating savings potential and exploiting available synergies through coordination and cooperation. At LogiMAT 2014 the exhibitors will be showing their latest solutions for networking the horizontal and vertical processes in intralogistics. These solutions form the basis for mastering the complexity of modern logistics processes.

Already in the run-up to the show, it is clear that even given the high density of events in 2014, LogiMAT has managed to further expand and consolidate its reputation as the largest annual intralogistics trade fair in Europe. By the end of October 2013, the exhibition management was already able to announce that 94 percent of the exhibition space for LogiMAT 2014 had been booked. For the section on IT solutions, a waiting list had to be started a good four months before the start of the show, because of strong demand for space in this area.

Practical solutions that meet the requirements

In the layout in the halls and the allocation of exhibition sections LogiMAT 2014 will be relying on successful practice. "The hall layout that in 2013 first featured the use of six halls facing each other in both wings of the Stuttgart exhibition centre, went down very well with the exhibitors and the trade audience and we´ll keep to that again this year," said Kazander. "In this way we are offering the exhibitors attractive options for their presentations, and, despite the very pleasing expansion of the event, we will still be able to keep our reputation as a compact, effective forum for business. By placing the individual segments in different halls, we are maintaining that compact overview of the market offering, for the trade audience and for special-interest groups."

Halls 1 and 3 in the north wing at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre are taken up by exhibitors of ground conveyors and warehouse technology and operational equipment. There the visitors can take a first-hand look at the latest developments and innovations for illuminating the order-picking and complex material flows in the warehouse and in the logistics centres and for managing them more efficiently. "More than 80 percent of logistics experts see innovations as a key factor in overcoming the future challenges in logistics and in staying competitive," explained Kazander. "These innovations can be, for example, a higher degree of automation, increased use of technology, but also a reduction in complexity, an optimisation of interfaces and further standardisation. In this area the systems suppliers and concept developers exhibiting in Halls 1 and 3 – companies like Viastore, Knapp, Vanderlande, Kardex and PSI – will be presenting lots of practicable solutions that meet the demand." Dambach, for example, is showing a system to link a stacker to the pre-storage area via a newly developed pallet conveyor technology. The Dambach Compact Shuttle (DCS) system is integrated into the conveyor technology via a transport carriage. It was developed for pallet storage and loads of up to 1500 kg. The DCS is fitted with 400-V three-phase motors and has a very compact design.

Exhibiting in Hall 5 are IT suppliers who over the last year have developed software solutions and features for efficient warehouse management and transport, for simulation, order-picking and archiving. One of the exhibitors here is DE software & control GmbH, a company that has launched a maintenance solution that is based on the concept of "sensitive objects". This solution optimises maintenance operations in companies of all sizes, improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and improving the working environment for the employees.
ProLogis Automatisierung und Identifikation GmbH is presenting SendIT, a software for despatches suitable for all freight carriers. The unified interface of SendIT means that when there is a change of drivers no time is lost in handing over. All the jobs are handled using one and the same program.

"In logistics the IT infrastructure forms the basis for efficient, economic process control and for an overall view and interlinking or networking of all the partners in the supply chain," said Kazander. "By using modern software systems, often with relatively modest financial outlay, it is possible to achieve a considerable increase in efficiency."

The halls opposite in the south wing cover labelling, identification and RFID solutions as well as packaging technology (Hall 4). Kathrein RFID will be presenting its mid-range sensor for automation and Heidler Strichcode GmbH is showing a three-camera system, PalletCube, which via special infrared cameras measures the load metres of an object in the measuring area. The solution was now extended to include a very useful "MeasurementGrid" feature. After identifying and measuring the object this feature generates a dynamic grid within the calculated load metres and specifies from this the height per quadrant.

Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG has extended its BL ident RFID system to include the compact UHF read/write head, TN865-Q120. In its space-saving IP67 aluminium housing, the Q120 combines a circular polarised antenna and the entire electronics in one. The Q120 is smaller than a 1 litre milk carton and is particularly suitable for applications with restricted mounting space – such as in automated materials handling systems.

PackApp, from GmbH, is a brand new approach to a loading operations. PackApp combines standard loading plan practice with CTU packing guidelines and thus offers optimum support in planning loading space in land and sea transports, featuring different loading units.

Hall 6 and Hall 8 also provide a full market review of automated transport systems, shuttles and ground conveyors. Shuttles and driverless transport systems (DTS) are generally seen as offering considerable potential for further development as in-company transport solutions. In the spotlight in this segment at LogiMAT 2014 will be in particular new solutions for localisation and navigation and shuttle technology. FusionSystems GmbH of Chemnitz is planning to demonstrate its own developed, innovative localisation and navigation solutions at LogiMAT 2014. FusionSystems develops and manufactures modular driverless transport systems for individual applications.

In addition the suppliers of ground conveyors will be showcasing their latest developments in energy-storage and supply, and in ergonomics in the workplace. Pramac will be presenting the new RX 10/16 pallet stacker. This is the first pallet stacker in the series which has a side drive. This means the operator has the choice between the classic centre-drive with 5-point bearing or the new side drive for pallet stacking.

CESAB Material Handling Deutschland is bringing out a new version of its powerful 80-V forklift, in a new B600 series.

"With more than 50 entries in the category of ground conveyors and accessories – among them all the leading German forklift manufacturers like Jungheinrich, Linde and Still, plus big-name international manufacturers such as Combilift from Ireland, the Dutch company Gent Forklifts Parts, Doosan, and Seegrid from the US, the forklift section at LogiMAT 2014 offers a compact and comprehensive display that is hard to beat anywhere," said Kazander proudly.

Approx. 100 high-calibre speakers

The accompanying programme at LogiMAT 2014 has expanded considerably as compared to last year in both the themes it covers and the number of events featured in it. For example, the Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics (Institut für Fördertechnik und Logistik – IFT) at the University of Stuttgart is organising a special day, on the second day of the show in Hall 8, entitled "Intralogistics – Future –Technology-Day". In four live events here trade visitors also have the chance to find out about themes such as "What really counts in load securing?" (Hall 8, stand no. 170), automated pallet handling (Hall 6, stand no. 544A), intelligent warehouse management with LFS (Hall 5, stand no. 175) and, last but not least, process control with auto ID to support Industry 4.0. The latter will be simulated as part of the traditional event the "Tracking & Tracing Theatre" (Hall 4, stand no. 503).

Supported by media partners and leading specialist institutes such as AIM Deutschland, the Baden-Württemberg Co-operative State University, Lörrach, and the German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME – Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik e.V.), the Institute for Distribution and Trade Logistics (IDH) at VVL e.V., the Fraunhofer Institute for Materials Handling and Logistics (Fraunhofer-Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik – IML) and the Association of German Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure – VDI), LogiMAT 2014 is also offering, in Halls 1, 3, 4, 5 and 8 a total of 23 trade forums. More than 100 high-calibre speakers from industry, research and the international trade media will be covering current themes in intralogistics on six different forum platforms. The lecture blocks, each lasting 90 minutes, will focus on trend themes such as packaging technology, energy-efficiency, despatch logistics and the demands placed on technology and management in implementing Industry 4.0. This is the place to gather first-hand information about all the latest strategies and solutions. Here´s an overview of the forums:

• Industry 4.0 – Harmonising processes, hardware and software in logistics
• Innovations in packaging logistics – focus on sustainability. Examples of successful developments and innovations
• Tenders for building a warehouse: The right way to do it. How clients, planners and main contractors can avoid problems
• Warehouse optimisation and indirect purchasing in logistics
• Mobile IT & AUTO-ID systems in logistics. Automating systems, specialising in solutions concepts and stronger global integration
• New market opportunities for driverless transport systems (FTS). New concepts and technological innovations
• Supply Chain Factory. Network competence as a competitive advantage
• Research and development produces results. A newly developed double runner system for pallets is now being used in its first applications
• From the vision of high-strength fibre ropes to applications. Product design, manufacture and integration of high-strength fibre ropes
• Excellence in manual order-picking. Efficiency, flexibility and learning in manual order picking
• Energy-efficient operation of intralogistics systems and plant. Approaches in materials-handling and storage technology
• Customised plant service. Experts discuss trends and solutions
• Project management and project controlling in logistics. Methods and tools
• Real-time information for the realisation of "Industry 4.0"
• VDI Guideline 3601: Warehouse management systems. Presentation and discussion of a new guideline
• Industry 4.0 – Another new term! What the demands on technology and management really are
• SAP Production systems in practice. The road to Industry 4.0?
• Flexible despatches logistics. How the internet and new technologies are changing intralogistics processes
• Complexity in the supply chain and logistics. Challenges and solutions
• Paradigm change for driverless ground conveyors. Plug & play versus integrated system
• Increasing the productivity potential of your warehouse operatives through clever leadership
• LED hall lighting. Is it economic? What are the advantages to the customer?
• Plug & play in material flow technology – a leap forward in practical applications. Just connect and go? Users reports, news from R&D

Lecture series on retail themes

An added attraction to the accompanying information programme at LogiMAT will be the integration of the TradeWorld Forum with its own series of lectures. Supported by the cooperation partners of the event – the Bundesverband der Deutschen Versandbuchhändler e.V., the Bundesverband Deutscher Inkasso-Unternehmen e.V. (BDIU), the Bundesverband Internationaler Express- und Kurierdienste e.V. (BIEK), the Bundesverband des Deutschen Versandhandels e.V. (bvh), the Fraunhofer-Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik (IML) and the Institut des Interaktiven Handels GmbH (IDIH) – several forums will be explicitly exploring themes that are tailored to the needs of the brand manufacturers present at the show, representatives of conventional stores and mail-order businesses, of e-commerce and multi-channel retailing, and their service partners. A summary of the spectrum of themes is as follows:

• CEP services – Drivers of e-commerce. Innovations for the first and last mile as a basis for further growth
• Data protection in m-commerce. When the will of the political leaders meets operational reality
• Collecting debts is a responsible job. Debt collectors are a partner of business
• Returns management. How online retailers and mail-order companies should manage their returns
• Future Forum Retail. Tomorrow´s world through the eyes of today
• Fulfilment – the answer to everything? Using standard services or customer-individual services

"Despite a congress-level supporting programme of events, which is available to the participants free of charge, the retail forum on the part of LogiMAT is to be seen as a supplementary information offering," explained Exhibition Director Kazander. "With the various lecture series we are meeting the demand for information that in recent years has considerably increased on the part of the visitor target groups from the retail sector."

And, last but not least, LogiMAT 2014 will be featuring the traditional award ceremony for the "Best Product" awards, presented in the three categories of 'Software, Communication, IT'; 'Order-picking, Packaging, Securing', and 'Procurement, Handling, Storage'. The award ceremony takes place on the first day of the fair, in an open-to-all event following on directly after the keynote speech at the official opening ceremony in Hall 1.

"With its offering of exhibitors and information, LogiMAT 2014 offers a level of added value that is hard to find elsewhere at this price," Kazander comments. "LogiMAT is seen as a real working fair, and one that covers the entire spectrum of trends currently shaping the industry. With the concept behind LogiMAT 2014 we have again succeeded in putting together for exhibitors and the trade audience an optimum framework for obtaining a full overview of the market. We are looking forward with great anticipation to kicking off the year in 2014 with LogiMAT."

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