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German Software Provider ICIDO beats any other commercial pro-vider at IOWA States Virtual Reality room

(PresseBox) (Stuttgart, Ames (IOWA), ) On April 26 IOWA State University has unveiled the most realistic virtual reality room in the world. Iowa State's new C6 now projects more than twice the resolution produced by any other virtual reality room in the world. It also pro-jects 16 times the pixels produced by the original C6. The April 26 demonstra-tion of the higher speeds, better pictures and improved realism in C6 also showed the technology's versatility. Featured applications will show how re-searchers are using C6 to visualize data from as many as 22,000 genes, train soldiers for urban combat, show students how plant photosynthesis works, display data from an atom probe microscope and help engineers visualize new products. A new demonstration application will also take you on a virtual trek to a tropical island, including a hovercraft trip over the sea and a dive to ex-plore a shipwreck. But all of these demonstrations are based on research and limited to its very specific domain.

The German virtual Reality software vendor ICIDO was the first and only com-mercial company able to present a fully functional suite of virtual reality appli-cations in stereo mode and with headtracking. Its "Visual Decision Platform" provides a software infrastructure that unites data integration, Result Man-agement and the user interface of different visualization solutions. As a general platform it permits the reuse of data and functions over the entire product life cycle. With IDO:Explore VDP, which is now being presented, ICIDO bundles a large number of previously separate and isolated applications into one com-plete application platform for decision-making based on virtual reality.

“In contrast to any other commercial software provider ICIDO was able to demonstrate its strength and capabilities in a very short time.” said Ludger Hemesath, Vice President Sales North America at ICIDO LLC and he adds:”It also showed the benefits of the Visual Decision Platform concept which al-lowed for a short installation time and the easy integration of different hard-ware components.” James Oliver, the director of Iowa State's Virtual Reality Applications Center and a professor of mechanical engineering supplement: “ICIDO delivered a very professional and exiting performance. We are very im-pressed by the concept and the possibilities of ICIDO’s Visual Decision Plat-form.”

The customers of ICIDO includes companies like john Deere, BMW, Ford or Airbus and its software is the widely known standard for visual decision finding and virtual reality in the automotive industry.

ESI Engineering System International GmbH

The ICIDO Group (ICIDO GmbH, fleXilution GmbH, with branches in Japan and the USA) is a leading provider of interactive, visual decision-making systems. ICIDO solutions are simple and standardised and can be integrated in existing structures and processes with ease. When using the Visual Decision Platform (VDP) technology, customers derive benefits from an improved possibility of assessing and evaluating three-dimensional computer data in product development and in the simplification and acceleration of coordination processes in interdisci-plinary teams. Errors can be detected early on, optimum solutions can be determined better and the creation of physical prototypes can be reduced. This results in considerable cost savings, reduced development times and quality enhancements. Areas of application range across the entire product creation process from design/styling, engineering design, assembly and production planning to marketing and sales. Customers receive a complete solution from ICIDO consisting of software and services and also the necessary hardware, for example a power wall system. ICIDO customers are to be found in the automotive industry (Daimler-Chrysler, BMW, Ford, Bosch, Faurecia), in the transportation sector (Siemens Transportation Systems, MTU, Rheinmetall, Airbus), machine and system construction (Trumpf, Festo, IWKA and Siemens Power Generation) and in research and teaching (FH Esslingen, FH Pforzheim, TU Chemnitz, TU Munich, BA Mosbach), for example