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Secure documents in the Cloud - New Open Source document encryption

At the it-sa 2013 eperi presents an answer to PRISM and Co. Files are hybrid encrypted with strong algorithms and are completely secure - even in the Cloud. The eperi Open Source security solutions provide security "with no ifs, ands, or buts

(PresseBox) (Darmstadt, ) Theft of sensitive information and documents is increasing. Companies are - not only since PRISM and TEMPORA - obliged to install protection methods repelling such attacks. Using the Cloud requires new secure methods to prevent theft and misuse of sensitive information. With the new eperi Open Source solution you may be sure that really nobody may access your confidential data - not in the Cloud either.

eperi Document Encryption Gateway provides a solution to encrypt any kind of files. These are transparently encrypted in the Gateway without requiring a Client. Contrary to simple "File-and-Folder" solutions the encryption is done document-centric according to open standards like SwA and SAML. Access rights can be specified for each document individually. The processes are completely automatable; additionally the user may access manually.

The user access is done as usual, e.g. via WebDAV or SharePoint®. So the product is immediately usable for e.g. MS Office users without further implementation effort. Supported are network drives of any kind like e.g. Fileshares or Cloud solutions.

The encryptions and the algorithms are configurable. Per standard the documents are hybrid encrypted, i.e. security on top level. Available are algorithms like e.g. AES 256 and RSA with key lengths of 1024-4096. An administrator may predefine Security Level and thus specify encryptions and signatures. Even highest security requirements in companies and public authorities may be realized easily. For users and applications the solution is completely transparent.

All eperi products are based on the Open Source secRT, a security platform, developed in co-operation with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

In addition to the Document Encryption Gateway eperi provides the transparent Encryption for SharePoint®. This Gateway allows it, to work in a team in SharePoint® with encrypted documents. The complete SharePoint® functionality is maintained - event the full-text search in encrypted documents.

More information can be found at the it-sa 2013, hall 12, booth 546 or under

eperi GmbH

The eperi GmbH provides an innovative IT security solution for any data in the cloud. The basis of our solution is open source. Our product is used by leading international enterprises. The company was founded in 2003 and is located in Darmstadt, Germany. In 2014 we revamped our offering for clients under a new name and brand: eperi. With more than 10 years experience in software development we stand for information security you can trust: