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ElcomSoft Adds OpenOffice and Hangul Office Support, Employs Social Engineering for Password Recovery

(PresseBox) (Moscow, Russia, ) ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. updates Advanced Office Password Recovery with smarter attacks on strong passwords protecting Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 document. The newly added attacks are based on models of human behavior, enabling the recovery of pseudo-random passwords with social engineering-like attacks.

In addition, the latest release extends GPU acceleration support to newly released video cards such as AMD Radeon R7 and R9 series (R270, R280, R290) and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 (Maxwell architecture).

Advanced Office Password Recovery 6.0 can recover passwords protecting documents in the OpenDocument format used by OpenOffice and many other applications. Finally, the new release adds support for Hangul Office, a popular Korean office suite. Needless to say, these formats are broken faster with ElcomSoft patented GPU acceleration (except Hanword).

Target: Human Psychology

Latest versions of popular office suites such as Microsoft Office 2013 implement the strongest security, making password recovery extremely slow even in GPU-accelerated environments. The limited recovery speed of Microsoft Office 2013 passwords required the use of a smarter approach than brute force or simple dictionary attacks.

With truly random passwords now taking near infinite time to recover, Advanced Office Password Recovery 6.0 implements new types of attacks, making the product try passwords that are more likely to be used by live humans.

Dictionary mutations substitute, duplicate or modify password characters in a way used by typical computer users to increase their password strength.

Mask attacks allow putting any knowledge about the password to work. However little is known about the password, every little bit of information helps reduce the number of passwords to try. By specifying the approximate length or structure of the password and entering characters that were used or not used, an expert can reduce the number of passwords to try by a great deal.

Combination attacks allow combining dictionary words from two different dictionaries, automatically adding separators as needed.

Finally, the Hybrid attack enables experts to create extremely flexible rules describing passwords that were likely to be chosen by a particular user. The rules are described in a file in a format compatible with industry-standard password recovery tools.

Hardware-Accelerated Password Recovery with Latest AMD and NVIDIA Cards

GPU-accelerated password recovery dramatically reduces the time required to break long and complex passwords, delivering a more than 20-fold performance gain over CPU-only operations (compared to a quad-core Intel i7 CPU). By enabling compatibility with the latest and fastest video cards produced by AMD and NVIDIA, Advanced Office Password Recovery 6.0 can significantly speed up password recovery.

The updated Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Recovery now fully supports the latest AMD Radeon R9 series video cards including R270, R280, and R290, as well as the new Maxwell-based NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750.

OpenOffice and Hangul Office Support

Advanced Office Password Recovery 6.0 adds GPU-accelerated password recovery support for documents in the popular OpenDocument format used by OpenOffice as well as many other office suites. All components are supported including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics and drawing, and formulae.

The new release adds support for Hangul Office, a popular Korean office suite, including Hanword, Hancell and Hanshow. GPU acceleration is available for all of these newly added formats except Hanword.

About Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Recovery

Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Recovery unlocks documents created with Microsoft Office 2.0 through 2013, Hangul Office, OpenOffice and the many office products based on the popular OpenDocument format. The tool recovers the original plain-text passwords for more than a dozen office applications. Instant password recovery is available for several Office products, while advanced dictionary attacks and brute-force password recovery are available to unlock strong protection found in latest versions of popular office suites.

The tool exploits all known security issues discovered in Microsoft Office, and provides instant recovery for many types of documents. In addition, Advanced Office Password Recovery performs a completely automated preliminary attack that may recover documents in less than 10 minutes. The tool caches all previously recovered passwords, providing near-instant recovery for all documents using the same password.

Pricing and Availability

North American prices for Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Recovery start from $49 per license.

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