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Retrofitting RFID in Networks

Elatec launches TCPConv

(PresseBox) (Munich, ) Today, RFID specialist Elatec launched the TCPConv Ethernet switch, a cost-effective solution enabling to retrofit entire corporate networks with RFID readers. With the help of two LAN ports and a range of protocols, the compact TCPConv can easily be inserted into the LAN in front of many different endpoint devices such as printers and the like. The Elatec TWN3 Multi reader can then be connected via the TCPConv's RS232 and USB interfaces - to authorise print jobs, for instance. This enables to integrate LAN peripheral devices of various kinds smoothly into the RFID infrastructure of office and access control solutions.

Whether campus solution, office automation, or access control - to date, to retrofit existing peripheral hardware on corporate networks with RFID readers was only possible at great cost, if at all. Elatec's new TCPConv Ethernet Switch provides a cost-effective solution to overcome this barrier and to integrate LAN endpoint devices seamlessly into an organisation's logical and physical access control system. The benefit if this is that the Elatec converter module, measuring not more than 82 by 65 by 25 millimetres, can be implemented without costly hardware modifications.

Compact, powerful, and versatile

"Scarcely larger than a pack of cards, the TCPConv can be inserted between the corporate network and, for example, a printer or other endpoint device with the help of two LAN ports. Two RJ45 10/100BaseT sockets serve as Ethernet connectors. Apart from TCP, the converter communicates using protocols such as IPv4, IPv6 (optional), DHCP, ARP, and PING. It also operates with MDI or MDI-X.

In addition, the TCPConv features one USB A and one RS232 (DSUB 9pos) port. It uses these to enable TCP/IP connectivity for the Elatec TWN3 Multi reader, of instance, and - optionally - for other readers, keyboards, and keypads as well. With the help of such authorising devices, the TCPConv can grant or deny launching especially sensitive or costly print jobs, for instance.

Authorisation via TCP/IP reduces costs

Particularly for expensive special printers or plotters, the Elatec TCPConv helps prevent unauthorised use and hence, additional cost. An USB/RS232 Ethernet switch, it enables to integrate a comprehensive authorisation solution cost-effectively - without backfitting or even replacing legacy devices at high cost.

"The Elatec TCPConv opens up the option for organisations to integrate devices without USB or RS232 interfaces into a comprehensive access control system and to save themselves the high cost of backfitting or replacing incompatible hardware", states Stefan Haertel, Department Director RFID at Elatec, outlining the new converter's advantages.

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