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Valentin Software Launches Simulation Programme with New Features for Designing Solar Power Plants of up to Two Megawatts

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) The Berlin-based software company Valentin is launching its programme PV*SOL Expert 6.0 R7 today. The new software enables users to plan and visualise roof-integrated, roof-top and free-standing plants with a power of up to two megawatts. For the new version, Valentin has increased the maximum number of solar modules that can be visualised in a 3D-mode from 2,000 to 5,000.

As a further innovation, the software has now received an interface to the programme k2base for the designing of mounting systems. Simply and comfortably, all of the information can be exported as XML files and processed directly for the assignment of as many roof surface areas as desired - for example, the dimensions and exact position of the modules. The additional costs for developing the roof-top view with the mounting system software have been omitted.

Detailed Analysis of Shading

Just as with the previous version, PV*SOL Expert 6.0 R7 allows users to analyse shading in detail in a 3D mode. The programme calculates how often modules are shaded on average, delivers concrete information on how shadows are cast at different times of the day and year, determines the loss in yield and shows the results graphically. All objects under shade can be selected freely and placed in the terrain or on the building as desired.

For the first time, the software can also simulate the influence of any power optimiser chosen. Thanks to the detailed shading analysis down to the level of the module itself, PV*SOL Expert 6.0 R7 can now determine exactly, for each application, whether the use of a power optimiser is advisable and economical.

In all its versions PV*SOL has a well maintained data base with more than 13,000 solar modules and around 3,100 inverters, which is automatically updated and expanded. All of the PV*SOL versions are available in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

You can find further information on PV*SOL Expert 6.0 here:

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