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Rationalisation & innovation for heavy door handling: finish, store and transport doors easily with doormaster®

The efficient system by DOSCORNIO® SPECIAL TOOLS: In order to transport and rotate heavy doors, at least 2 workers were necessary in the past. But now, all process steps can be handled by one worker.

(PresseBox) (Waldkirch, ) One employee can perform an all round-handling of the door with the help of the unique 360° rotation mechanism. To prepare the door for rotation, the worker has to attach the fixation iron on each side by screwing two 8 mm SPAX-bolts into small boreholes. Then the fixation irons are quickly connected to the holding brackets. The result of working with the doormaster® turning device: grinding, varnishing, mounting fittings and finishing doors with only one employee.

For intermediate storage the doormaster® easyrack t-bars are shoved on the fixation irons and then doors or frames can be stored space-saving. The t-bars are equipped with an integrated carrying handle for an easy transport or storage.

The doormaster® easylifter is developed especially for suspension rails: the doors can be fitted in the existing suspension rail system (suitable for all common systems) and so they are as well 360° rotatable. The doors can be prepared and then varnished by only one employee without any further help. This means an extensive saving of personnel expenses and fast pay-back.

For transportation of doors and frames in house or to the construction side, the doors are placed with the t-bars into the doormaster® porter. This robust storage and transport trolley is individually adjustable by length so that doors or frames of different lengths can be stored together. For longer trips the doors are secured by a lashing strap. The doormaster® porter can also be carried by forklift.

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