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Innovative vacuum clamping systems increase efficiency in the metal processing industry

Metal work pieces and sheet metal can be clamped fast and safely with bankmaster® vacuum clamping systems.

(PresseBox) (Waldkirch, ) DOSCORNIO® SPECIAL TOOLS offers patented vacuum clamping systems for metal working. The product line is made in Germany to high quality standards.

Whenever work pieces, construction elements and components have to be clamped fast and safely, the vacuum technology offers an optimal solution for safe holding.

With the help of bankmaster® vacuum clamping systems even work pieces with sensitive surface, e.g. stainless steel, can be clamped fast and without damage. In a split second the work piece can be fixed safely on the vacuum plates. Both hands are free for handling and installation tasks that can be performed in an ergonomic optimal working position. In the same speed the work pieces are disconnected again from the vacuum plates.

All products are equipped with vario-plate vacuum plates. They allow the fixation of work pieces in different sizes with only one vacuum plate. Therefore it is not necessary to purchase a second vacuum plate. The sealing rings are made of a special durable plastic rubber material. As an option, the vacuum plates can be delivered in an endless rotatable version.

The systems are either designed for the use on workbenches or as column systems for independent work stations. The column systems are in all versions equipped with height adjustment and integrated multiple socket outlet. All systems are self-adherent on the workbench or to the floor.

The bankmaster® product line:

- bankmaster® COMBO is the smallest vacuum clamping system. With the oval vacuum plate, it is particularly adapted for working with small work pieces on work benches. Up to 4 COMBO can be connected via the unique connector system to the vacuum pump.

- bankmaster® MONO offers one horizontal and one vertical suction area by combination of one round and one oval vacuum plate. The vertical vacuum plate is optional available as endless rotatable.

- bankmaster® UNO is the elementary vacuum column system with one round vacuum plate.

- bankmaster® DUO is a mobile vacuum column system with two suction areas. The combination of one oval and one round vacuum plate allows to handle multiple small or large work pieces at the same time.

- bankmaster® QUATTRO, the mobile vacuum column system with two round and two oval vacuum plates as well as rotation device with pedestrial.

- bankmaster® VARIO 4 provides beside four vacuum plates a unique rotation device continuously adjustable with 360° horizontal rotation and 30° vertical tilting. Integrated transportation rolls and holding bracket for vacuum pump assure mobility.

- bankmaster® XXL is the biggest column system and allows a simple handling of large work pieces because of six vacuum plates (3 round and 3 oval). A pneumatical adjusting rotation device is already included.

All products are delivered ready for use with a vacuum pump.

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