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An easy alternative for clinically clean air in rescue vehicles

Disinfector device by WAECO

(PresseBox) (Emsdetten, ) It's a well-known problem: When patients with infections are transported in rescue vehicles the air is often brim full of germs. The germs will quickly nest in the vehicle interior and, out of reach for cleaning, in the evaporator of the air conditioning system. Thorough cleaning of ambulance patient compartments traditionally is a labour- and cost-intensive necessity. The new disinfector device from WAECO offers a cost-effective alternative. It works quickly and entirely automatically, all contaminated areas inside the vehicle are reliably disinfected in no time at all.
Using a specially formulated, broad-spectrum complex of active substances approved by the German Society for Hygiene Microbiology (DGHM), the WAECO disinfector produces a double cleaning effect. First, it effectively disinfects the air conditioner, especially its exposed evaporator component. Second, it simultaneously eliminates the germs in the passenger compartment. This cleaning method owes its effectiveness to the well-thought-out working principle of the device. The active substances for long-lasting germ disinfection are contained in an aqueous solution and applied by an ultrasonic atomiser unit that produces tiny droplets less than five microns in diameter. An integrated fan forces the fine spray of active ingredient through a flexible tube to make sure it reaches even the smallest nooks and crannies of the vehicle as well as its ventilation system.
In addition to rescue vehicles this method is also suitable for effective disinfection of patient treatment rooms, bath and shower areas in clinics and GP practices, saunas and tanning studios. The fast-acting disinfectant eliminates all common strains of bacteria, it can be used on metal surfaces as well as on glass, PVC and ceramic tiles. Operation is as easy as could be: fill the device with the WAECO disinfectant, plug into the power socket, start. All the rest can be left to the unit, which switches off automatically when the cleaning is done.
The WAECO disinfector device is supplied in a sturdy metal case. The corresponding disinfectant is available in 1-litre bottles. One bottle is sufficient for ten applications.
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