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Optical technology is likely to dominate for the next decade

DISC@IBC Amsterdam, September 7-11, hall 7, stand 7.829

(PresseBox) (Bingen, ) The accelerating adoption of digital, file-based infrastructures continues in the Audio/Video world, forcing the need for more storage capacity and effective storage management. DISC Group offers a wide range of archival storage solutions to broadcast outlets and A/V studios which can easily expand from a few hundred hours of content to hundreds of thousands of hours, while providing high availability, scalability, and flexibility. Formats as Blu-ray and upcoming Holography are the guideline to the success of media business: High storage densities and fast transfer rates, combined with durable, reliable, low cost media, make optical technology poised to be a compelling choice for next-generation storage and content distribution needs.

DISC Group believes that blue laser technology is superior because it meets the storage and performance requirements of next-generation data and high-definition video applications, and is well-positioned to succeed CD and DVD technologies. Major companies have entered the market for Blu-ray storage devices. Blu-ray is established as the industry standard for data archiving! “Blu-ray media do not only meet the requirements of the consumer market, it meet also the professional demands, with relation to descriptiveness and long-term stability or in the environment of library applications", says TDK. Blu-ray disc opens new dimensions for the optical data storage, believes Marco Vögele, Manager Sales & Marketing at the DISC-Partner PoINT Software & Systems. The software specialist for storage solutions has integrated the support of the BD technology in its products like Archiver or the Jukebox manager.

New way of archiving
DISC Group presents the brand-new DISC Office Archive based on blue laser technology. The fancy looking variation of the DISCs HighEnd NAS system, the Fixed Content Server for long term and secure storage guarantees top security, top quality and top design. Based on Blu-ray technology DISC Office Archive is the best way for automatic archive or backup of HD video content, video surveillance data, digital pictures and images, email, medical data and all kind of fixed content data. DISC Office Archive is a high speed server with newest fast CPU and HDD technology combined with an optical library providing an archive capacity up to 5,2 TB within an office suited furniture. Blu-ray technology guarantees best compatibility and stability with proven roadmap into the future. Well-established DISC SmartPack Technology with intelligent offline management assures easy and secure data portability.

Next steps in establishing holographic storage
The video industry is turning to digital asset management more and more, with videos, audio tracks, and photographs, being created or migrated to digital formats in order to improve the management and protection of these valuable assets. DISC-Partner QStar provides a centralized storage system that presents the content as a single volume sharable across a LAN or WAN. This provides access to thousands of files in a matter of seconds. The user-defined policies determine where files are physically stored, the allocation of content across specified groups of media, content replication conditions, and retention periods. QStar can provide additional data protection by mirroring the content within one or multiple libraries and RAID systems. “QStar is very pleased to provide tiered storage and archive management systems support for DISC libraries using InPhase holographic technology,” said Riccardo Finotti, President of QStar. “Holographic storage offers a significant jump in capacity and performance which will make optical more competitive against Tape and offering high data longevity combined with fast data access. Besides holographic storage is a solution to eventually replace UDO by storing data in 3 dimensions.”

DISC Group as Storage Innovator is already set for upcoming holographic storage: A DISC library, equipped with TapestryTM write-once holographic drives from InPhase and Maxell media provides a permanent and secure archive for many hours of high definition content. Holography equipped DISC libraries are scalable offering 5 TB, or 116 hrs of HD@100mbps on 17 pieces of media, and as much as 642 TB or 9350 hrs of Full HD@160mbps on 2140 pieces of media. “DISC will integrate the Tapestry technology throughout the entire DISC-C product line”, said Peter Günther, Product Manager for DISC Group. “The physical integration has been completed and in a parallel process InPhase continues to move towards finishing the device testing. When InPhase releases the drives and media, DISC will be ready to deliver libraries with the new technology already integrated, so units are expected to be available in Q3, 2008.”

“InPhase is very excited to be partnering with QStar and DISC Group to provide a complete solution for customers so they can cost-effectively manage, access, and protect, their large data archives,” said Liz Murphy, Vice President of Marketing for InPhase Technologies. “QStar’s leadership in information management systems and their wide range of supported operating systems will enable our technology to fit into any storage environment. We are very pleased to know that QStar currently supports the DISC library line, allowing for an even easier adoption of Tapestry.”

DISC libraries especially the brand-new DISC Office Archive, a demonstration of the Tapestry system of QStar Technologies and InPhase Technologies as well as a demonstration system of the Archiver of PoINT Software & Systems GmbH together with the DISC applications for Video archiving will be shown at IBC2007 at the Amsterdam Convention Center from September 7-11, at the DISC Group stand, hall 7, stand 7.829. At DISC booth you can meet TDK and MOBOTIX AG as well.

DISC Archiving Systems Gmbh

The origins of the DISC Group date back to the 50's when, still using the name NSM GmbH, the company's engineers developed the first robotic systems for automatic exchange of audio media. A continuous succession of product innovations and fine mechanical precision, designed for long service life, led to the world's first 100-CD changing system in the early 90's. Over the course of company history, DISC has established itself as one of the world's leading and the most innovative manufacturers and suppliers of optical data storage. Today, more than 20,000 storage solutions by the DISC Group are installed. Many industry leaders, but also small and medium-size companies and institutions of all kinds, are included among DISC's regular customers. DISC maintains its global presence with a global network of resellers. DISC resellers sell DISC solutions directly to customer markets in the fields of medicine, finance, administration, industry, trade, institutions, broadcasting, and print media – to name just a few. The product range of the DISC Group is adapted to the requirements of its customers. Once in use, DISC solutions grow as required – from mega storage to peta storage, with or without cartridges – regardless of the optical technology. That makes DISC systems revision-safe and protects data from unauthorized access. Competitive pricing and the highest service life convenience are the reasons for the continuous global demand for DISC products. By supporting all optical standards, DISC has kept its portfolio a flexible market leader in optical storage development.