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"Terror in Africa": DW correspondents reporting from hotspots

(PresseBox) (Bonn, ) For the multimedia series "Terror in Africa," Deutsche Welle correspondents Jan-Philipp Scholz and Adrian Kriesch have visited centers of terrorism in Africa. The series is available on TV, radio and online.

Islamic fighters in the Malian desert, massacres in north-eastern Nigeria, attacks on tourist centers in Kenya: Terrorist groups from Africa have been making the headlines in recent years. This has reached temporarily a tragic climax in April with the kidnapping of over 200 schoolgirls by the Islamic terror group Boko Haram.

In the multimedia series "Terror in Africa," DW takes a look at the most important strongholds of African terrorism and analyzes the backgrounds of this development. The hotspots of terror are spreading across Africa in a belt - from Somalia on the Indian Ocean right to Mauritania on the Atlantic. International security experts are becoming increasingly alarmed.

DW's Africa correspondents Jan-Philipp Scholz and Adrian Kriesch have filmed in some of these hotspots for the five-part series "Terror in Africa" - in Somalia, north-eastern Nigeria and northern Mali. Working closely with local staff, they have managed to get dropouts to speak in front of the microphone. "Without these stringers, our local correspondents and contacts on the ground, the filming, online interviews and radio reports would not have taken place," says Claus Staecker, head of DW's Africa Department.

The series is available online in English and German. The footage plus additional reports will also be aired and shown in DW's radio and online services for Africa, including Amharic, Hausa, Kiswahili, English, French and Portuguese.

The five-part series:
Somalia and Al Shabbab
Nigeria and Boko Haram
Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army
Mali and the Ansar Dine: AQMI and MUJAO militias
The network of terror in Africa: developments, expansion and connections

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