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RFID Makes Styling and Fashion Attractive

company RF-iT Solutions along with well-known partners take care of implementing economically feasible RFID solutions in the apparel industry and retail

(PresseBox) (Graz, ) While radio frequency identification (RFID) is still not regarded as a plug-and-play technology, in certain industries such as clothing and textiles at least, it is far down the road to getting there, thanks to the efforts of the Graz, Austria-based technology consulting and software company RF-iT Solutions. “Even though RFID is regarded as a key technology of the 21st century, rapid market penetration is only to be expected once solutions emerge that are both technically feasible and at the same time economically attractive,” Dominik Berger, managing director of RF-iT Solutions, asserts. In order to accomplish this, the technology needs to be transferred out of the “ivory towers” of research, thereby achieving synergy effects for businesses. This would facilitate acceleration of production and of movements of goods, thus making goods more readily available at the point of sale. The advantages for consumers could not be clearer: whether you are looking for jeans, a dress or a swimming suit, RFID makes shopping more attractive by ensuring a supply of all models in all sizes and colours, in this way reducing shoppers’ frustration. This is possible thanks to intelligent RFID tags, which carry detailed information about textile merchandise and accompany each piece the whole way along the logistics chain.

Apparel industry is relying on optimization potential offered by RFID
The textile market offers an attractive potential for RFID solutions. The major drivers for RFID processes in this industry include EU regulations, globalized markets, broadly distributed supplier networks as well as growing complexity in the face of shrinking profit margins. The goal therefore is to equip the entire logistics chain, from goods dispatch at the manufacturing site on down to the shop check-out, with RFID. RFID technology unleashes potential for rationalization all along the entire logistics chain, including accelerated detection at every point where goods change hands and automatic entries of stock movements as well as automatic picking of goods and invoicing. Another contemporary trend aims at combining, in a single tag, RFID technology with conventional theft-protection techniques in order to optimize logistic processes while at the same time ensuring security of goods. Cost advantages are greater the earlier on in the logistics chain the combined tag is able to be applied to the merchandise.

Unique cooperation of experts provides a global solution for the textile supply chain
“The easier it is to integrate RFID components in existing processes, the greater the resulting success,” Berger noted recently on the occasion of a joint press conference with RF-iT's project partners, Telekom Austria and the German consulting firm GCS-Consulting. Never before in the history of RFID has such cooperation of experts produced a similar global RFID solution that serves as an operator model for the complete process chain, comprising major retail stores and suppliers. “With this common platform we have succeeded in implementing a technical system for hardware, software and middleware that is both simple and international,” Berger was pleased to announce. An important building block for this success was provided by RF-iT Solutions with its Auto-ID operating environment You-R® OPEN, a software platform which represents the link between new RFID processes and the existing IT infrastructure. Thanks to this solution, RF-iT Solutions is recognized throughout Europe as one of the leading companies in the textile industry. Just a few weeks ago You-R® OPEN was awarded the German Innovation Award 2007 in the RFID category.

You-R® OPEN – flexible and clearly structured
Various RFID readers as well as other Auto-ID devices, such as barcode readers, can be managed with ease using You-R® OPEN. A remote reader/device management system operates through a network of central control points. “As long as the operating environment is employed, even if hardware changes take place in a running project, if for instance new readers are introduced, efficient integration with existing systems and a high degree of protection of investment are nonetheless guaranteed,” Berger is convinced. The overall design of the software platform is geared toward supporting speedy development, high quality and lean systems. In addition to basic functions, the platform offers a variety of IT tools for every project phase, from development and implementation on down to maintenance. Ready-made “building blocks” can generally be employed. Even if these need to be adapted, integrators are able to manage and expand functionalities themselves. This is possible thanks to the fully integrated .net C# developer environment for programming in the You-R® OPEN OPerating ENvironment.