Leading Edge Technology with High Torque Airmotors manufactured from superior grade Stainless Steel

Power package with a small diameter achieves a high torque with the lowest rpm

Amberg, (PresseBox) - For protection against the elements in historic building refurbishment or for protecting against corrosion in the shipbuilding industry - paint or coatings come into play. According to its own figures, the German paint and coatings industry, which employs about 25,000 people and has revenues of some 6.7 billion Euros annually, produced approximately 2.6 million tons of paint, coatings and ink in 2008. In the industry's roughly 250 paint and print ink factories throughout Germany, production is achieved through the use of robust and cost-efficient components offering a low price-performance ratio. Among these various components, air powered, high torque, stainless steel motors are an excellent solution for blending and mixing applications in this industry.

All mixing equipment used in the paint industry has one thing on common: a space saving motor with ample power to operate mixers and agitators at full production. A compact, light but extremely strong airmotor meets this need perfectly. When it is also manufactured from stainless steel, it meets the requirements of the chemical and paint industry like no other drive. Noted airmotor manufacturer DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. from Bavaria, continues to set new standards in this area with its innovative, high torque, stainless steel motors. Recently, the company further expanded its ADVANCED LINE series of sealed, stainless steel, oil-free airmotors by adding several new "high torque motors" models. Specific, new drives include those in the 280, 570, and 900 W power range.

"With this product expansion, we are able cover the growing demand for high torque, stainless steel, motors and offer this segment a complete product range with many attractive solutions," says DEPRAG Product Manager Dagmar Hierl. In addition to being powerful and corrosion resistant, ADVANCED LINE airmotors are designed to be compact for easy incorporation into handheld devices and other industrial machines. These high-quality stainless steel motors are excellent for use in the chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, medical technology and food industries as well as the paint and coatings sector.

As an example of how manufacturers can benefit from DEPRAG's newly expanded ADVANCED LINE, Hierl points to those high-viscosity substances such as varnishes that must be further liquefied to achieve a viscosity suitable for spray application. This requires the use of an industrial agitator that stirs the liquid mass until the desired fluidity is achieved. To this end, the newly available ADVANCED LINE motor 67-423 model with its power of 280 W at a nominal speed of 7 rpm offers the perfect solution. With its nominal torque of 410 Nm and starting torque of 615 Nm, this high performance, 900 W motor with a rated speed of 20 rpm is well suited to these kinds of demanding applications.

The key to an airmotor is the way it delivers consistent power over a wide speed range and operates seamlessly in an environment of frequently alternating loads. Torque and speed can be accurately adjusted by regulating the incoming air pressure. An airmotor is unlikely to stall, but if it does - about twice it's rated torque output - it simply stops. When the load is reduced, it immediately restarts, with no consequential damage, even when stalled at high frequency.

Another advantage to airmotors is their power-to-size ratio. Depending on the exact model, it generally requires only a third to a fifth of the mass of a commercially available electric motor to provide the same performance. The diameter of DEPRAG's high torque, stainless steel motors, for example, is just 63 millimeters for its 280, 570 and 900 W models!

In operation, air vane motors can be applied over a broad spectrum of applications, thanks to their simple construction, power-to-mass ratio, expansive speed range and safe operation in explosive environments. The principle of airmotors is simple: Basically compressed air sets a rotor in motion within an eccentric cylinder. To further enhance performance, there are also vanes within machined slots on the rotor, which are pushed outward against the cylinder wall by centrifugal force. Working chambers are then formed in between the vanes for the compressed air. The volume of the chambers varies based on the eccentric design of the cylinder. Expansion of compressed air within the chambers transforms pressure energy into kinetic energy and rotational movement is generated.

Thanks to this simple operating principle, airmotors represent a remarkably trouble-free power source. For one thing, they can never overheat. Due to the expansion of compressed air that takes place under load, the airmotor has an inherent cooling system, making it perfect for applications in hazardous environments. The standard ADVANCED LINE airmotors are ATEX certified. Airmotors are also ideally suited for those applications in the chemical industry, where they are exposed to aggressive materials and environments, due to the fact that their smooth surfaces are easy to clean; the motor is completely sealed; air cannot escape; contaminants cannot get in; and the rotor spindle is very robust and includes an extremely durable radial shaft seal ring. DEPRAG ADVANCED LINE airmotors can also be operated oil free, or without lubrication, as required for the paint, coatings and food industries.

All DEPRAG stainless steel motors are delivered with a standard high torque stainless steel planetary gear set. The motors can also be integrated with one of a number of optional planetary gear sets to accommodate various different operating speed. The un-geared stainless steel 900 W motor, for example, has a rated speed of 6,000 rpm. Combined with one of seven different planetary gear sets it can be modified to provide a rated speed of 150 rpm. In addition to its new high torque motors, DEPRAG is also now offering four new high torque gear sets, further extending this capability to a rated speed of 20 rpm. "This broad range of stainless steel motors makes DEPRAG the leader in this segment. We offer the ideal solution for every performance requirement," Hierl says.

DEPRAG's ADVANCED LINE airmotors are also available with various mounting accessories such as flange mount or foot mounting brackets.


The development and construction of high-quality airmotors is a core competence of DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH. A specialist in airmotors, automation, air tools and screwdriving technology, the company operates with approximately 600 employees in 50 countries. With its new high torque airmotors, the company offers your operation not only a high quality stainless steel motor, but a drive solution that is completely engineered to your application. DEPRAG engineers work side-by-side with the customer during development and fine tuning with decades of experience at their side.

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