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Poraver refines (construction) materials worldwide

(PresseBox) (Schlüsselfeld, ) Poraver is the remarkable organic light weight aggregate made from 100% recycled glass. The round granules produced from a special manufacturing process are available in crushed gravel free quality from a microscopic 0.04 mm to 16 mm in diameter.

The Poraver series of benefits includes its very low weight and high compressive strength, excellent thermal and sound insulating properties, and resistance to chemical and alkaline attack. Moreover, Poraver is inflammable, weatherresistant, does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria and mould and prevents, due to its amorphous glass structure a silicosis hazard.

From plaster, mortar, adhesives, fillers and massive wall blocks and solid wall systems to facade profiles, facades and sound insulation panels, structural wallpaper and decorative products, Poraver understands how to influence material and processing characteristics, product quality and the durability of its products in a positive way. In addition to the applications in the construction industry, Poraver has expanded in to the demanding market of products in the furniture, automotive and plastics industries.

With an annual production of about 35,000 tons Poraver, the Dennert Poraver GmbH, based in the Bavarian city of Schlüsselfeld, serves customers across the globe and is the world market leader in expanded glass light weight aggregates.

In addition to the expansion of production in Postbauer / Heng near Nuremberg Dennert Poraver GmbH promotes sales and licensing partnerships in all parts of the world. Thus, through the support of the Poraver headquarters in Schlüsselfeld the construction of a plant near Toronto, Canada came to fruition.

The first North American plant obtains a large part of the glass from the local glass recycling pick-up and converts it into the unique product Poraver, which is sold in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Poraver and its trading partners are currently in the following countries active: Australia, the Balkans, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, India, Israel, Italy, Canada, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Middle East, Netherlands, United States, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, and Hungary.

For labeling the ecological responsibility and the high-quality mineral formulation, the Dennert Poraver GmbH created the Poraver Quaity Seal for its customer's products. Products receive the Quality Seal label "with Poraver refined", so that manufactures and consumers get the full benefit of Poraver documentation, and the choice for an ecologically distinguished product promoting healthy living conditions is made easier.

Application examples:

Poraver improves adhesives and fillers
Better processing properties, higher yield and easier handling of the containers are criteria, which for the optimization of products such as adhesives and putty is given special attention. It is the choice of the aggregate that is an important quality criterion. Many manufacturers rely on the light weight aggregate Poraver, which precisely unites these qualities.

Fillers and adhesive mortars containing the mineral light weight aggregate Poraver are suitable for bonding and amoring of all kinds of insulation panels. Compared to conventional mortars such light mortars with a significantly lower weight prove very convincing. At the same time, they are usually about 30 percent more effective. With its low weight and high insulating properties these products are also excellent to smooth out unevenness and to fill in cavities. It can be manually processed as easily and as fast as mechanically with all major flow mixers and mix-feed pumps.

Poraver ball allows luxury bathrooms to be finished in an XXL format.

129 prefabricated bathroom modules in the XXL format could be installed in the luxury hotel "Le Meridian " in Ireland's capital, Dublin, because the super light weight concrete with Poraver aggregate allowed the weight of the module to be below the specified 5-ton limit.

Critical to the deployment of Poraver are its excellent physical and pressure resistant properties. The expanded glass microspheres of Poraver are also characterized by excellent sound absorption and high thermal insulating properties while at the same time extremely light and maintain a high compression rating. Poraver has much greater strength than other aggregates in the same fill weight category.

poraFORM wall system

Even construction part manufacturers and domestic builders have discovered the advantages of Poraver as a light weight aggregate for their products. So the company "modern houses" is building its houses exclusively with the highly insulating poraFORM wall system. The wall system receives its positive features from the aggregate Poraver. By using Poraver the wall elements are extremely light, compression resistant, accurate to size, inflammable and do not provide a breeding ground for pests and fungi.

The light weight concrete poraFORM elements offer through their heat storage capacity a well-balanced room temperature. Because of their sheer size they save the thermal energy of the sun and that energy is given off slowly and gradually during the cooler night hours. This effect is called the phase shift and contributes actively in every season to a comfortable indoor climate similar to airconditioning, but with no energy spend.


Poraver fillings used for sound absorption and insulation can be loose, cementbound or resinbound. Even in the field of fillings Poraver has appeal with its divers ecological and physical, chemistry of construction materials and structural static properties. Poraver loose fill is often used for filling in cavities indoors and outdoors, as a tank and subterranean tank insulation. Here Poraver captivates by the sum of its many positive features: low weight, moisture resistance, fiber-free, odorless and no material fatigue.

Poraver conquered the plastics industry as well

The unique lightweight aggregate Poraver with its numerous uses has increasingly captured the lightweight construction and plastics industry, due to the environmentally friendly material being as light as a feather, compression resistant, chemically resistant, free of pollutants and excellent for thermal and acoustic insulation. The combination of mineral foam composite materials with expanded glass represents a new class of materials, which is particularly interesting for crash absorption, transportation, and generally for lightweight components.