Poraver presents at the BAU "The ball that does it all", from 12. - 17. Januar 2009

Schlüsselfeld, (PresseBox) - Once again, in 2009 the Dennert Poraver GmbH exhibits its unique expanded glass granulate made from recycled glass at the biggest trade fair of construction and building materials in Munich.

At BAU, Poraver reaches more different target groups and nationalities than at any other building trade show in Europe. Philip Brdlik, marketing director of the Dennert Poraver Ltd. said: "The diversity of trade visitors to the BAU is as varied as the application areas of our product."

The Dennert Poraver Company situated at the booth of the Bundesverband Leichtbeton lightweight concrete association (hall A2, booth 329) presents product applications from the main application field dry mortar as well as an innovative thermal storage concept with Poraver insulating fillings and exemplary applications in lightweight concrete.

(1) Poraver in dry mortars and construction chemical products

For the first time Poraver will present a new acoustic plaster as well as purely mineral thermal insulation plaster with the manifold lightweight filler.

The acoustic render containing Poraver is distinguished by its open pore structure allowing for the infiltration of sound. In the process the excess energy of the air vibrations transform into thermal energy, which sustainably improves the acoustics that increases the surface temperature. That's how a problem can be turned to an advantage. To ensure this type of sound absorption, the active aggregate can only be cemented into the plaster in a "punctate manner", or else a sound reflection would otherwise take place. The high strength of the aggregate Poraver allows for the sufficient stability of the finished product.

In the manufacturing of noise reduction products many well known companies in the acoustic construction field rely on the positive characteristics of Poraver expanded glass granulate.

For example, worldwide, several hundred square meters of acoustics paneling based on the Poraver aggregate are installed daily.

The new Poraver insulation render is characterized by its extremely low density and good compression strengths (greater than 1 N/mm2).

The mineral and diffusions open render has a high thermal insulation capacity (?R values < 0.1 W / mK) that is further enhanced by its very easy handling and processing properties. A very low modulus of elasticity and low-tension behavior helps to prevent cracking.

The new Poraver insulation render can be used in both the exterior and interior application because of its mineral composition and creamy white color.

(2) Poraver in the area of bulk fillings

As insulating fillings, Poraver is used bulk, cement and/or resin-bound. As insulation filling Poraver excels through its many positive characteristics: structurally, physically, chemically and statically. As a bulk filling Poraver is frequently used for filling voids in both the interior and exterior, for insulating thermal heat storage systems, silos and both above and below ground.

Here, Poraver stands out with the sum of its many positive qualities: light, non moisture sensitive, fiberfree, odorless and zero material fatigue.

A futuristic technology is the use of Poraver as insulating fillings for thermal heat storage. In this respect Poraver has a decisive role to play in the efficiency of thermal long-term storage of primarily solar-derived energy or waste heat.

To resolve the timely lag between energy harvest and energy use thermal heat storage systems are particularly useful. In order to store the solar harvested energy for long terms and without significant loss of energy high insulation requirements are the key components. Depending on the mode of operation and the local conditions, the insulation could be up to 1m (3.3f) thick.

In numerous practical field applications the easy handling and the mechanical blowing-in from silos performed perfectly.

(3) Poraver in lightweight concrete

The combined standard characteristics - weight reduction, compressive strength, and sound and heat insulation - have made a great impression since Poraver's launch in 1984 and now once again in the lightweight concrete industry.

These special characteristics enable a variety of concretes. Hence Poraver finds its use in highly thermal insulating concretes, in constructive lightweight concretes and further in special concretes.

The end products are mineral construction materials, which fulfil energy, structural, physical and environmentally friendly requirements that perform well above average.

Heat insulating concrete

Exceptional values in heat insulation as well as optimal soundproofing with relatively high load capacity and high-strength characterize highly thermal insulating concretes containing Poraver. Thus, monolithic and double casing systems are possible in which Poraver as a purely mineral, critter proof and environmentally friendly aggregate secures maximum benefits in terms of heat insulation value.

Constructive lightweight concrete

For (precast) concrete parts Poraver is used because of the significant reduction in weight. Despite its own low weight, strengths from 4 to 30 N / mm ² are achieved. Its system advantages are used among other things by manufacturers of prefabricated room modules, precast concrete stairs, chimney systems and building components.

One example is a 5-star hotel in Dublin that could be outfitted with 129 prefabricated bathrooms in the XXL format. The installation of the luxurious bathrooms as a complete space module has only been possible because of Poraver. It was the only way to significantly undercut the requisite 5-ton weight limit. The same room module made conventionally out of regular lightweight concrete would have exceeded the weight limit by 3 tons.

Building components for wall and floor

Even with double cased building components, the weight reduction and the stability of the lightweight concrete are particularly important. Here for example, Poraver is used as a "supporting layer" behind design oriented concrete stonework. The two-cased component is used among other things for the manufacturing of prefabricated bathrooms in the panelized method of construction to be used as large panels for walls and floors. This back-lined stonework is extremely versatile, in terms of formats and layouts. The finish can be customized according to taste and desired use because of the use of different minerals, glass particles and/or colour pigments.

Aesthetic lightweight concrete, appreciated for its beauty

For this scope the consistent properties of Poraver and the accurate adjustability of the mixtures are especially important. Only the Poraver enhanced fresh concrete allows for easy workability through optimal stability and viscosity of the mixture.

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