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Delphi at Car & Sound 2007: Delphi Grundig CarCine, TMC Upgrade Kit 210 and X-Line are the keywords with respect to trend-setting infotainment

(PresseBox) (Wuppertal, ) Every year there is an event which no European car audio and infotainment expert will want to miss - the leading international in-car entertainment trade fair Car & Sound. This year the Car & Sound will take place from 19th to 22nd April in Sinsheim, Germany, and will open its doors to more than 200 exhibitors and 35,000 expected visitors. Delphi's latest technology can be seen at Car & Sound in Hall 6 at stand no. 6100 and 6200. Included will be three new highlight products in the multimedia segment--the new Delphi Grundig CarCine Top Vision 840, TFT 720 and DVD 210. In addition, Delphi will feature the Traffic Message Control (TMC) Upgrade Kit 210 for the NAV210W and NAV210E portable navigation systems and the X350 Update Scout in the car audio segment. "The fair has developed into an absolute must for Delphi. At the fair we have direct contact to all our target groups, and we want to use the Car & Sound once again to present our newest product highlights for the first time publicly to international visitors, dealers and trade journalists," explained Michael Boe, Consumer Electronics Business Line Director, Delphi Product & Service Solutions Europe.

The season premiere for Delphi Grundig product innovations in the multimedia, navigation and car audio segment CarCine is and will remain the Delphi Grundig focal point with respect to multimedia. With the Delphi Grundig CarCine Top Vision 840, Delphi will be presenting a new 8" roof-mounted monitor with integral DVD player and USB connector. Various connections and enhancement options, such as playing videos via USB, add to the features of this multi-format device. Further highlights in the multimedia sector are the CarCine TFT 720 7" slimline monitor and the multi-format device and 1-DIN DVD player, CarCine DVD 210. Both components can be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle interior and turn every car journey into a cinema experience.

As far as navigation is concerned, Delphi made an excellent start in the new 2007 car infotainment season with the two new portable Delphi Grundig NAV210W and NAV210E navigation systems already at the end of 2006. The two units are now also available with the Delphi Grundig TMC Upgrade Kit 210. Thanks to TMC Upgrade Kit 210 and the associated use of premium TMC services, nearly all traffic hold-ups on motorways are reported within 10 minutes and traffic jam avoidance will be faster and even more effective. The TMC Upgrade Kit 210 uses one of the first mobile navigation software programmes to not only process the regular TMC (Traffic Message Control) messages, but also use the premium TMC services from TMCpro (Germany), Trafficmaster (Great Britain) and Premium Service (France).

In the car audio sector, the highlight of the Delphi Grundig X family, the 1 DIN CD/MP3 tuner X350 BT, will be enhanced by an innovative software feature called X350 Update Scout. Since the life cycle of mobile phones is much shorter than those of car audio systems, the X350 BT can be updated to all common mobile phone brands* coming to market with new models in the future thanks to the X350 Update Scout. Then the customer can purchase a new mobile phone without having to worry about abandoning the innovative telephone features of the Delphi Grundig X350 BT. The customer can also find regularly software updates for the integrated Parrot Bluetooth receiver on the Delphi Grundig website at The software update can be executed via Bluetooth either by the customer or a Delphi Grundig dealer.

* The Delphi Grundig X350 BT is compatible with most of the common Bluetooth mobile phones available in the market from manufacturers such as Blackberry, HP, imate, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Qtek, Palm, Panasonic, Philips, Sagem, Samsung, Sendo, Sharp, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, SPV, Telital etc.

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